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2010-June-15: On Tuesday I walked 24.8Km return on the trail (5:05 walking time) from the corner of Dare’s Hill Summit Road and the 4wd track leading to the top of Tourille Gorge. This is east of Mt Bryan East (between points B and C on Map 6.6). The other end was at the Caroona Creek shelter (near point C on Map 6.5). The walk is on unsealed roads, tracks, paths, and a creekbed. Grades are easy to medium (the few scrambles are not really hard), with elevations varying between 340m to 520m. The day was cold to cool and mostly sunny with light winds. There were a few pools of water in Tourille Creek. I saw parrots, a few wedgetail eagles, and other birdlife. I came across seven or eight kangaroos.

The drive in was by the Barrier Highway to the Mt Bryan township. After leaving the township, turn right onto Mt Bryan East Road (unsealed). After 7 or 8 Km, you reach a point where the trail joins the road for a while (at the turnoff to the mountain). After 3Km continue straight onto Dare’s Hill Summit Road. It passes the old Mt Bryan East school (now a spot for trail walkers). Pass the 4WD road to the south (which goes into Caroona Ck CP) after another 1.8Km, and park at the next 4WD track going east.

The way follows this 4WD track east and north east, eventually climbing to a ridge. The track ‘ends’ at this entrance to Caroona Ck CP which overlooks Tourille Gorge. Inside the park the track gets rougher, and degenerates to a path at times as it goes through the gorge. The track has been built up a bit in places and there is a cutting at one narrow section of rock. This work was done to get goods through the gorge in Pioneer days. The way is prone to flooding (when it actually rains) as you walk along the creekbed in places.

The gorge opens up a bit eventually. At this point I noticed a wedgetailed eagle sitting on a leaning tree trunk. It spied me and took off to circle the air currents. The way goes onto an unsealed road as the gorge ends. After 1Km, the way turns off the road to the south. It goes over the creek in somewhat open countryside until it passes the remains of Thomas Hut. It continues south through lightly wooded countryside, passing the occasional creekbed. It eventually reaches the park access roads (all unsealed). Afer another 1Km or so it reaches the Caroona Creek shelter, my turn around point.

Top of Tourille Gorge
Cutting in Tourille Gorge
Thomas Hut ruins