Beetaloo Tank Camp Site

Accommodation Option on the Heysen Trail

Shelter (small),
Water Tank
Northern Guidebook, chapter 2, map 4
Grid ref: 378 233
Longitude: 138.1873692111
Latitude: -33.1974317833
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Campsite, water tank, basic shelter with bench (primarily to collect water)
This tank is midway between the Bowmans Hut and the Go-Cart Track campsite - 19.9km from Bowmans Hut and 20.2km from the Go-Cart Track campsite. Walkers note: October 2017. The tank was emptied and cleaned on Saturday October 7, 2017. Until good rains are received in the area, the tank cannot be relied on to supply water. Walkers are advised to carry additional water in this area. Some water was added to the tank on October 25, 2017 so there was sufficient to flow from the tap at the time. Further information will be displayed here when available.

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2 thoughts on “Beetaloo Tank Camp Site

  1. Campsite was burnt out in last fires. Tank/ shelter survived due to being steel, over flow pipe melted. Tank is full but water is discoloured.. tanins or fire ash. Tastes fine. Camped here 8/5/15, I think. This was currently 2-3km off the re route which heads to Laura. Laura is a nice town good CVP, café, pub, small supermarket,. Could not find gas there.

  2. Site now open. Camped here night I of 17/9/15. As I walked in, met another hiker from
    Opp. direction. First I have met. Nice little spot. Water discoloured. Outflow pipe melted and uncovered. Water tasted ok. Tank full.

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