Old Mt Bryan East School

Accommodation Option on the Heysen Trail

New toilets (background left)
New toilets (background left)
Large bedroom
Large bedroom
Water Tank
Southern Guidebook, chapter 6, map 6
Grid ref: 156 014
Longitude: 139.018311
Latitude: -33.408642
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http://www.heysentrail.asn.au (Friends of the Heysen Trail)
No, hut is locked - lock combination is #5418
large old school building - 2 bedrooms (one large, one small), lounge and kitchen. Bunks, water, slow combustion stove, cooking facilities, kitchen, sink, toilet
The school and residence was built in 1884. A hall was also built adjacent the school. The school was closed in 1947.

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15 thoughts on “Old Mt Bryan East School

  1. Very nice hut, some firewood available. In good condition when Aesir Rover Crew visited on September 1st. BYO candles.

  2. I’ve just heard a rumour that the combination lock on Mt Bryan School has been replaced by a normal padlock. Can anyone confirm this? Not another case of appropriation by Woods and Forest? Like to know if I need to take a hacksaw on my next visit there.

  3. Alan

    Not true we were there on Tuesday and there was only the combination lock. Forestry can’t take this one off us as it’s not on there land

  4. The Schoolhouse was fantastic to stay in. Very grateful to the Freinds of the Heysen for maintaining such a great facility for hikers. We camped there this past weekend (28 and 28 July 2012) and it was clean, bug and rodent free and warm in the cold nights when the fire was going.

    Only issue that we had was that some smart person(s) has broken into the building, badly damaging the door and leaving the schoolhouse open….very poor behaviour!


    Peter Ilee

  5. some smart person(s) has broken into the building, badly damaging the door and leaving the schoolhouse open

    It’s a nice hut indeed!

    Will let the relevant maintenance person know, thanks for bringing to our attention.

  6. Will let the relevant maintenance person know, thanks for bringing to our attention.

    Hi Peter, the maintenance person for that section has advised that they were of the issue, and was scheduled to repair it yesterday, but the fixing has since been delayed until next week.

    He wonders if it is because some people are confused by the padlock’s operation, that being that once the combination is entered one has to push the lock together to open it. This is a common feature of combo padlocks, but not one people are always familiar with. Apparently this is not the first time it had happened.

    Once again, thanks for letting us know!

  7. Took the kids up to Mt Bryan East Schoolhouse for a bit of school holiday camping and trail walking. Schoolhouse in good condition, as usual, but if I were staying there, I’d remember to take loo paper, it seems to disappear very easily. Did a drive around to re-stock the woodpile! Getting toward the end of the hiking season and the snakes are out, saw a fairly sizeable Brown in Tourille Gorge, so take care!

  8. The Scouts stayed here for the annual hike Easter Venture 2013, which was held in and around the Caroona Creek Conservation Park.

    Great base of operations for the Rovers, Theme Team and Radio Activities.

    Thankyou Friends of the Heysen Trail for providing such a fantastic facility.

    We wondered if a couple of solar powered push button style timer lights would be useful in the kitchen and/or the toilets?

    Noted that there appears to be some termite damage in the floor of the kitchen and the toilets need some TLC (broken seat lids and the pong is quite overwhelming!). Didn’t notice a padlock if there was meant to be one?

    Edit: The kitchen sink was also leaking into the cupboard and all over the floor when we first arrived. Attempted an emergency repair with some tape which seemed to do the trick.

  9. Stayed here night of 26/9/15. No padlock on door. Plenty if firewood around. Multiple rooms. Gorgeous old building. Cleaned up a bit. Water reasonable.
    Glad I was going N to S overt Bryan!!

    • Thx for letting us know. Are you sure after entering the combo you pressed the lock together? This normally releases the lock. We’ll confirm that and the current combo and reply later.

      • Hi Mark, we can confirm that the combination hasn’t been changed, and that the combo locks needs to be pressed together after entering the combo, this will release the lock. This is a common way that combo locks are used. I’ve experienced the pain of not realising this before too :/ We were there about a month ago during a trail audit and checked the lock twice to verify it was working as expected.

  10. We came across the old school house as well as old church and homestead was such a peaceful pleasure to look at the places thank you was bloody awesome can we camp overnight there ?

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