Willalo Hall (CLOSED)

Accommodation Option on the Heysen Trail

Closed (no longer available)
Southern Guidebook, chapter 6, map 9
Grid ref: 938 972
Longitude: 138.782852
Latitude: -33.443192
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This hut was demolished in 2013. The water tank was previously maintained for walkers, however the tank has now been removed for re-use elsewhere. The hut was an old community hall but was in very poor condition and some distance off the trail.

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10 thoughts on “Willalo Hall

  1. Back in 2007 the hall was set to be demolished. It survived at least a couple of years beyond that, is it still there now?

    Will ask around, curious as to why the opportunity wasn’t taken up.

    It is also on the Mawson Trail.

  2. I can’t add anything more really. Was earmarked for demolition. I was President in 2004 and am unaware of any approach to us about taking it on, not the demolition, the maintenance etc.

    I haven’t looked at it for years so would need to survey it with one of our licenced builder maintainers to see if it’s something we could take on.

    Frankly, I doubt it as we are looking at renovating White Park north of Wirrabara and that’s a big project.

  3. sneaky, the water tank will be removed in the next couple of months and relocated elsewhere, probably to supplement a water tank at an existing campsite.

    The Friends are undertaking a program to construct 11 new shelters and water tanks. Four have already been erected down south, more will be rolled out further north throughout the year.

  4. Fair enough.

    Seems a shame to lose. Hopefully the land may be retained and made available for campers still.

  5. Seems a shame to lose.

    It does indeed, but as a voluntary organisation with limited funds I’m sure you can appreciate that we need to carefully pick what projects we undertake. The hall is not ideally located and is in very poor condition.

  6. Just wanted to know if this ‘property’ is still available for public access camping.

    I was planning on stopping over here for a night on my Mawson trip. Will have my own supplies in my BOB, and sleeping in my swag under a tree. I’d hoped to avoid stopping short at Hallet or ‘pushing’ on over the hill to Spalding.

  7. I visited the hall a few weeks ago on a rece for our walk.

    Water tank was full and tap works

    Toilets were full of rubbish

    Hall was open but I would not sleep inside .it was filthy and you would share with the local rodents.

    I spoke to three farmers who were fixing a fence opposite.

    They said there was no objection to camping there, in fact welcomed it.

    One farmer (can’t remember his name), large land owner in Willalo,and went to school for seven years in the hall said that the hall will not be demolished while he is around.

    He also said that the was closed by the council because of Perceived asbestos problems. The hall appeared to be structurally sound (I was a builder in a previous life).

    Maybe it is time to revisit this as a project ( maybe with Mawson

    Trail people) especially as it has water and toilets and it has community support now that White Park has been delayed.

    A minor re route would send the trail past the hall.


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