Youngoona Campsite

Accommodation Option on the Heysen Trail

Northern Guidebook, chapter 6, map 5
Flinders Ranges National Park
Grid ref: 770 313
Longitude: 138.656494
Latitude: -31.331224
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No pre-booking, purchase a permit at the self registration station approx 5km east or at the Trezona Campsite approx 3km to the west, Department for Environment and Heritage offices ( or the Wilpena Pound Visitor Centre
$6 per night per person for hikers + party entry fee
$12 per car per night + park entry
Campsite, toilets

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One thought on “Youngoona Campsite

  1. Camped here in June 2005, being just to the east of Trezona Range not quite as scenic as area to the west. Firepit and grate.

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