Mayo Gorge to Parachilna Gorge

Registrations open Sunday 2 July, 2017

Mayo Gorge to Parachilna Gorge
Six days walking from Mayo Gorge to Parachilna. See Heysen Trail Northern Guide Maps 5.3 to 6.8.

NOTE - If you wish to walk on only some of the days, please contact the FOHT office to register for those days. The online registering system will only allow you to register for all walking days.
Saturday 12 August, 2017
to Sunday 20 August, 2017 (9 days)
Judith Ellis
Julie Larsson
Peter Larsson
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Meeting Location

Meeting location details will be provided after you have registered for this walk.

Walk Fees

Saturday (12/8/17)

Walk Specifics (Sat)
Bus departs Strathalbyn 7.30am Rufus Depot: ETSA P
Rawnsley Park 4.30pm
Saturday 9th August 2014 (suggested itinerary only)
Depart Strathalbyn at 7.30 am
Arrive E.T.S.A. Park Stadium at 8.30 am
Load and Depart by 9.00 am
Arrive Clare 11.15 am - For an early Lunch (1 hour)
Depart Clare at 12.15 pm
Arrive Orroroo

Sunday (13/8/17)

Walk Specifics (Sun)
6am departure from Rawnsley Park
Mt Little Station (Mayo Gorge)
A short walk through Mayo Gorge sees us back on the trail and following picturesque Mernmerna Creek and Slaty Creek to the Red Range campsite. Leaving the trail at 634919 we follow a vehicle track over Red Range to be rewar
Moralana Scenic Drive
Risks (Sun)
A long walk with gentle gradients-pace yourselves. Plenty of water and snacks required.

Monday (14/8/17)

Walk Specifics (Mon)
7.30am departure from Rawnsley Park
Moralana Scenic Drive
Wilpena Pound
Risks (Mon)
Scramble up Bridle Gap

Tuesday (15/8/17)

Walk Specifics (Tue)
7.30am departure from Rawnsley Park
Wilpena Pound
Bunyaroo Gorge

Wednesday (16/8/17)

Walk Specifics (Wed)
Sleep in
Rest Day

Thursday (17/8/17)

Walk Specifics (Thu)
7.30am departure from Rawnsley Park
Bunyaroo Gorge
Risks (Thu)
One steep climb early in the day

Friday (18/8/17)

Walk Specifics (Fri)
7.30am departure from Rawnsley Park
Risks (Fri)
Stumbly stony track late in the day

Saturday (19/8/17)

Walk Specifics (Sat)
6.30am departure from Rawnsley Park
Parachilna Trailhead
Risks (Sat)
Overexcitement !

Sunday (20/8/17)

Walk Specifics (Sun)
Nearby Campsites and Accommodation Options

This list is generic and is derived from the Walk Selector for this walk section. Your walk leader may be suggesting a different or specific town or accommodation option to be based at.

In This Section

On or within 2km of this Heysen Trail section.

  1. Red Range camp site
  2. Wilpena Caravan Park
  3. Wilpena Resort
  4. Middlesight Water Hut
  5. Trezona Campsite
  6. Aroona Ruins (campsite)
  7. Aroona Hut
  8. Pigeon Bore
  9. Parachilna Gorge Hikers Campsite
  10. Mt Little Station
  11. Yanyanna Hut
  12. Parachilna Gorge Camping
  13. Parachilna Gorge Trailhead
  14. Blinman Hotel
  15. Wirrealpa Station Cottage
  16. Blinman Cottage
  17. Moolooloo Station

Near This Section

More than 2km off of the Heysen Trail section.

  1. Rawnsley Park Station
  2. Acraman Campground
  3. Youngoona Campsite
  4. Angorichina Tourist Village
  5. Arkaba Station
  6. Nungawurtina Hut (Alpana Station)
  7. Alpana Station
  8. Blinman
  9. Parachilna
  10. Prairie Hotel

Further Afield

Beyond this Heysen Trail section.

  1. Hawker
  2. Mayo Hut
  3. Wonoka Station
  4. Hawker Caravan Park
  5. Hawker Caravan Park (Hawker Overflow, Carpenter Road)
  6. Outback Chapmanton Motor Inn
  7. Hawker Hotel Motel
  8. Meaney’s Rest

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