EE George Quarry to Spalding Road to Chlorinator

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EE George Quarry to Spalding Road to Chlorinator
On Saturday...
Most of this section is spent walking south, initially along the crest of Brown Hill Range, following the remnants of an old 1840s stone wall (the longest in SA). It is quite an undulating walk, with little shelter from the elements, however the views make up for any discomfort. The last 5-6 km follow rural back roads to the main Spalding to Burra road.
On Sunday...
This is a very flat, but unique walk that follows the Freshwater intake channel for Bundaleer Reservoir, only leaving it for a few km to go through Spalding. Walkers will see some fascinating examples of engineering from the early 1900s.

NOTE - If you wish to walk on only one day, please contact the FOHT office to register for that days walk. The online registering system will only allow you to register for both days.
Saturday 19 August, 2017
to Sunday 20 August, 2017 (2 days)
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Meeting Location

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Walk Fees

Saturday (19/8/17)

Walk Specifics (Sat)
EE George Quarry
Grid Reference: 903 973
Latitude: -33.4432204083 (33° 26' 35.5935")
Longitude: 138.7440812056 (138° 44' 38.6923")
Spalding Rd
Grid Reference: 825 846
Latitude: -33.5561195333 (33° 33' 22.0303")
Longitude: 138.6571471389 (138° 39' 25.7297")

Sunday (20/8/17)

Walk Specifics (Sun)
Spalding Rd
Grid Reference: 825 846
Latitude: -33.5561195333 (33° 33' 22.0303")
Longitude: 138.6571471389 (138° 39' 25.7297")
Grid Reference: 705 945
Latitude: -33.4643954083 (33° 27' 51.8235")
Longitude: 138.5305253833 (138° 31' 49.8914")
Risks (Sun)
Be alert for washouts or undercutting of the channel banks if there has been a lot of rain. Take care at main road crossings
Nearby Campsites and Accommodation Options

This list is generic and is derived from the Walk Selector for this walk section. Your walk leader may be suggesting a different or specific town or accommodation option to be based at.

In This Section

On or within 2km of this Heysen Trail section.

  1. Spalding
  2. Whistling Trig Tank
  3. Bundaleer Tank Campsite
  4. The Barbed Wire Pub

Near This Section

More than 2km off of the Heysen Trail section.

  1. Geralka Rural Farm & Caravan Park

Further Afield

Beyond this Heysen Trail section.

  1. Curnows Hut
  2. Hallett
  3. Hallett Railway Station
  4. Wirrilla Shearers Quarters
  5. Hallett Camping at the Recreation Ground
  6. The Bluff Cottage Farm Stay
  7. Wildongoleechie Hotel

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