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    Hi everyone,

    I’m 10 days / 230 kms into a northbound end-to-end thru-hike of the Heysen Trail. For those who are interested, I am posting a daily trail journal and pics at whenever mobile reception permits.

    In my first post, I put together a list of resources for those who are planning an end-to-end hike that others might find useful. I tried to post this in the Heysen Trail Facebook page but the post was apparently not considered appropriate and never approved by the moderators.

    Heysen Trail Thru-hike Overview & Planning Resources

    I hope you find this useful.




    Hi Gstreet, I’m planning to start my northbound hike in July. I’ve been reading your blog 🙂 Just wondering how you’ve found the water supplies and route navigation. And did you have to book campsites? Do you have an email address I could contact you on?



    Hi Carl, I finished my S-N thru hike on Sunday 7/7, I think it was only 1-2 days after you- so close! Although of course you won’t know me, I met many people who’d spoken with you, and enjoyed reading your hut log book entries! Finally going through your Ramblr profile and, wow, what can I say- it’s phenomenal! I’m really glad you’ve put it together, it will help future thru hikers hugely. PS. your gear is so cool!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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