Black Jack Hut

Accommodation Option on the Heysen Trail

The new Black Jack Hut, June 2019
The new Black Jack Hut, June 2019
The new hut under construction
The new hut under construction
The old shelter
The old shelter
Toilet 2022 style
Toilet 2022 style
Interior with loo paper
Interior with loo paper
Shelter (medium),
'Walk-in' site
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Mapsheet 4A, Burra to Caroona Creek Conservation Park
Southern Guidebook, chapter 6, map 3
Grid ref: 178 890
Longitude: 139.040924
Latitude: -33.522121
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This hut is maintained by Friends of the Heysen Trail volunteers and reserved for Heysen Trail walkers and Mawson Trail cyclists.
It is located on private property and not accessible to vehicles or caravans.
Hut with kitchen bench & sink, bunks for 6 people, table and chairs. The site also has a multi-purpose walker's platform.

The nearby campsite (200 metres west) has a rainwater tank and toilet. The old shelter remains in place at that location.
Toilet replaced December 2022.
The new hut was donated by the Friends of the Urrbrae Wetland in 2018.
FoHT Trail Development volunteers under took an extensive renovation and fit-out project at the Friend's Shed at Cobbler Creek to convert it into a walker's hut. The hut was relocated to Black Jack in June 2019.
A new hut was installed in June 2019 and is available for immediate use. The access door does not have a combination padlock.

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8 thoughts on “Black Jack Hut

  1. Took refuge here 5/6/22 after another day of gales and rain, and sleet at times too. Thank you FOHT volunteers for providing this 5 star hut! Water tanks at hut and old shelter both full. Some maintenance is however required – toilet shed has been destroyed, kitchen sink is blocked, and solar lights went off after a few minutes of dim illumination despite the master switch being in the off position when we arrived.

    • A maintenance crew visited Blackjack in December 2022.
      The sink is draining; the lights are working; the tank is full and …
      a new toilet has been installed.
      Thank you maintenace crew!

  2. Would there be any chance of moving the old shelter to somewhere that a shelter is needed, as there is clearly no need for it here when there’s a good hut? I’m thinking Newland Hill or Whistling Trig, neither of which have suitable facilities at the moment.

    • Julia, We would love to be able to put a shelter at all our watering points along the Trail. Logistically, to move the shelter at Black Jack which has been there over 15 years and is probably past its use by date, would be problematic. It would probably be destroyed in the process. In addition, it is not always practical to put a shelter where we have our tanks. For example, the Whistling Trig site is on a very small piece of public land, such that putting in a shelter may trespass on the local landowners property, on whose goodwill we depend so strongly. It is also windswept, as you are aware, so any structure would need to be “tied” down very effectively and it is a difficult site to access. The Newland Hill site you mention has been commented on by a colleague in response to a previous post of yours and his comments are relevant to why there is no shelter there.

  3. 02/07/21
    Tank 100% full, good quality. Fab hut, while the storm raged. Note there is minor (easier) re-route before this hut (heading south), as you turn right and then follow the fence line towards Dust Hole Creek Rd. Local farmer has graded a dog leg diversion for the new fence they have put in. Follow the dog leg and you’ll still get to the trail at Dust Hole Creek Rd.

  4. 10/7/19. didnt use the hut for water but looks amazing. Used the tanks at the older shelter and tank was full and clean water.

  5. I actually camped a couple of Kms before I reached this camp as it was getting dark. Had breakfast here the next day on 28/9/15. Tank had plenty of water. The trail between carooma creek CS and here is delightful. Footpads through open forest, a decent creek to cross, minimal tracks. Bonza.

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