Finniss River campsite (CLOSED)

Accommodation Option on the Heysen Trail

Closed (no longer available)
Mapsheet 1D, Mount Cone to Kuitpo Forest
Southern Guidebook, chapter 2, map 7
Grid ref: 892 884
Longitude: 138.6804882054
Latitude: -35.3250925842
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A new campsite established in December 2011. Shelter and water tank completed in early 2012. This campsite has been closed (mid 2016) but we are working with stakeholders to re-open the campsite at a new site nearby.

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9 thoughts on “Finniss River campsite

  1. There are very few campsites on the Fleurieu Peninsula and had not heard of this one previously, I wondered if I could camp there from my car. Interactive Maps and other photos/information were inconclusive about vehicle access.

    I wanted to let car-based campers like me know that this IS NOT a general purpose campsite like Deep Creek or similar that anyone can camp at. It is located on PRIVATE land, surrounded by locked gates with "private property" signs. If I hadn’t spent time working out the exact location in Google Earth before arriving I probably would not have been able to locate it. Technically you could camp there if you were willing to park your car on the road and carry all your equipment a few hundred meters but that would be more trouble than it is worth.

    Even if you could drive there it would not be a particularly good campsite to "get away from it all" as there is no level ground (maybe those wooden platforms are designed to put tents on?), the surface was uneven from animals or people trampling there, and the owners do not keep the property very tidy. Otherwise I found it to be a scenic area and still very green in late October.

    For Heysen trail walkers this is probably a handy option to have but for everyone else you’re better off ignoring this campsite. It would be nice to have more camping options near metro Adelaide but that’ll probably never happen. To experience nature away from people you’ll have to camp on weekdays or travel to regions further away.

    Here some photos of when I visited on 19/10/13.

  2. We visited site on 20/5/13

    Lovely site, platform is a great improvement. Tank about 1/3 full. Ducks were very noisy in the creek about midnight.


  3. That’s a pity. It was very dry when we did the install. The gate should keep the cattle out.

    We will need to check out and see waht fencing we need.

    Thanks for the info.

  4. I visited this site 21/08/2012.

    Site was pretty much water logged with the recent rains – the path leading into camp and the camp itself. A fence was down leading into the paddock and it looks as though quite a few cattle have been through the area digging up the ground. Finding a place to pitch the tent was difficult. Tank was about 1/3 – 1/2 full from what I could gather.

  5. Visited this campsite early May. Plenty of water in the tank (about 1/3 full) and a nice and clean gently sloping campsite with a creek about 100m off the trail.

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