Yanyanna Hut

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Multi-purpose camping platform
Multi-purpose camping platform
'Walk-in' site,
Water Tank
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Mapsheet 8C, Bunyeroo Creek to Aroona
Northern Guidebook, chapter 6, map 3
Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park
Grid ref: 712 230
Longitude: 138.593903
Latitude: -31.40321
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basic hut, water, fireplace, multi-purpose camping platform
Yanyanna hut and stockyards was the central point in the Aroona pastoral run and is now the site of a ruined pug and pine shepherd's hut from the 1850's and a still standing iron shelter from 1937

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23 thoughts on “Yanyanna Hut

  1. Planning a trip in June 2022 anyone have recent reports on how much water is in the tank?

    • Jess, Report from 1/5/2022 water tank full. All the tanks in the Flinders should be OK as they had good rains since Xmas. Note from the reporter on 1/5, start walking before dawn so you can see the sunrise on Wilpena Pond, assuming you are heading south, of course. PS Secure food from the mice!!

  2. Mon 5/7/21 camped outside the hut. With only 2 days to go till the trailhead at Parachilna Gorge after leaving Cape Jervis on May 4th. Water tank about 2/3 full

  3. FoHT End to End -2 group visited this site on 10/5/21. Tank water level 70%.

  4. Our group camped here 16/9/2019. We thought Yanyanna hut water tank was 30% full, water was slightly discoloured and tasted a little bit off. Of our party of 5; 3 treated it and 2 didn’t. All were fine 1-2 days later. If heading north, the water is better at middlesight. Great evening views at Yanyanna but I’ve stayed here twice and it’s always been super windy! As with other comments – this site desperately needs a toilet. There’s paper flying about all over the place.

  5. Here on 2 September. The tank was 70% and was delicious. Rewarding after a long hot day from Aroona. Some slept in tents, 2 on the platform and 2 in the hut. Watched a beautiful sunset as we drank hot chocolate around the fire.

  6. 14 August 2019. Water smells and tastes good, although I recommend treating water before consuming. Tank is approximately at 40% capacity.

    • Thanks Wayne. Similar comments as given to me by several walkers a few weeks ago.

  7. Stayed here on 13th July ’19. Hut not appealing to stay in so put up tent. Two cleared sites but pegs were difficult at times to place into ground. Tank was over half full and water drinkable though up to individual hikers. Exposed site but a nice view. Thanks to FOHT for maintaining this site.

  8. This campsite is next to a popular ‘scenic route’ so during school hols and long weekends it gets quite busy (during the day) … and if you’ve stayed at Trezona the night before you’ll get in by lunchtime.

    At Easter 2019 – The water in the tank was putrid. Even after filtering the tank water it smelled like wee and tasted awful!

    This site badly needs a toilet installed too… a quick walk in any direction will have you finding white lengths of toilet paper sticking out from under rocks, identifying the all-too-shallow cat holes dug by recent campers… and alarmingly many of them are in the creek beds (which goes to show just how un-environmentally-friendly many hikers are!)

  9. Stayed here pm of 29/8/15. Tank almost full. Many visitors from 4WD s. Once again fee $8 + park entry fee. But who checks this? Plenty of camping spots if required.

  10. Cameron

    Thanks for that info.

    I will pass it on to the Maintenance people.

    They are in the area over the next week or so and may be able to do something soon


  11. Visited this hut on Monday afternoon after another hike in the area and noted that the tank was half full! It rained quite a bit over the long weekend, as I can personally attest having spent quite a lot of it huddled in a small tent on a high saddle near Mt Abrupt as a storm raged outside.

    The tap on the tank is a push-button style where you push down on the top of it to open it, and then take your finger off to close it. However, the tap did not fully spring closed when I took my finger off – meaning a steady stream of water continued to flow out. I was able to turn it off with a bit of a fiddle, but not all tank users may be so considerate. Also if an animal was to press on the tap (not sure if this is possible/plausible) then the tank would run dry very quickly ❗

  12. Cameron,

    You have been very busy and you comments on all the facilities are noted.

    We appreciate this feedback especially early in the season.

    It gives us a chance to right things prior to the peak flow through the area.

    I suspect the tank may be empty as 4WD also can get easy accss to the water.

    Nevertheless we need to make sure the tank is filling properly.


  13. We walked to this hut from Black Spring (just north of Wilpena) and continued the next day to Yuluna Creek (Map 6.6 "D" 722 369.)

  14. A fine hut. Stayed here on April 21st with Rover Scouts. Our fifth night out while hiking from where the trail crosses the Hawker-Parachilna Road to the Parachilna Gorge trailhead (7 days/125ish km.)

    Note that the rainwater tank is EMPTY. I suspect some maintenance might be in order as all the other tanks in the area we found had at least some water in them.

    Wanted to do a bit of a bouldering problem on the chimney to have a look on the roof to see what the problem was but all the gaps to put your fingers in had been filled in with concrete heh.

    A number of people have left half full boxes of water here – so enough to get by in an emergency but nothing to be relied upon.

    There is no longer a rubbish bin at this location (as in the picture above) and there was quite a bit of rubbish in the hut (to the point that the previous log entry in the visitors book complained about it.) Everything from tissues and cardboard boxes to condom wrappers and plastic bottles. We burnt as much as we could, but if the next person visiting via car could take some of the glass etc. that would be good.

    While on the subject of maintenace, anyone visiting with a car could take a decent screwdriver and pad the hinges on the door as it catches on the bottom a bit (unfortunately the screwdriver on my pocket knife was not suitable.)

    We thoroughly enjoyed the night we spent at this hut – revelling in the comfort provided by small strip of carpet and sitting down on the chairs 😀

    The fee paid by bushwalkers to use this hut is $5 per night. That does not include park entry for your car – we started south of the park and finished north of it. You do not need to book for this hut.

    I don’t remember seeing the "ruined pug and pine shepherd’s hut" 😕

    The location could definately do with some signage indicating the history, as there are lots of questions in the visitors book about it.

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