Restoration of Heysen Trail following 2014 Bangor/Wirrabara Bushfire

Restoration of Heysen Trail following 2014 Bangor/Wirrabara Bushfire, July 2015, Updated October 2019, Updated April 2021

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Following the January 2014 Bangor/Wirrabara Bushfire the Heysen Trail has been restored and re-marked to the original Heysen Trail route over The Bluff. This removes the 44km temporary re-route which went around the entire forest and via the town of Wirrabara.

Two small temporary re-routes are in place on Sheepsyard Track (minor), and along Block Nine Road. UPDATE OCTOBER 2019: The Block Nine Road re-route has been restored to the original trail through the forest, via I and J.
Update April 2021: The trail on its approach to Block Nine Road has been rerouted away from the boundary fence on a private property. Follow the route marked by the purple line on the pdf reroute map.

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