Re-Routes on the Heysen Trail

Occasionally, due to weather or maintenance issues, it is necessary to realign sections of the Heysen Trail. Minor reroutes, necessitated by such things as sand blowouts in coastal areas, protection of native vegetation, erosion control, or requests from landholders, are also frequently carried out.

Logging operations in forests can sometimes necessitate the rerouting of the Trail. These reroutes often have to be done at short notice, and it is important to follow these reroutes, as it is dangerous to walk in areas where logging operations are in progress.

Re-Route Notifications

The re-routes notifications and map alterations below have been organised into the Map Sheet editions affected. You can download the re-route notes and maps and print them out.

Notifications Suspended

Re-route notifications for the following guidebooks produced between 2004 and 2014 have been suspended.

Re-route notifications for the original series of strip maps produced between 1986 and 2004 are also no longer provided.