End to End 4 – second day – A big challenge for many!!

It was a full day for some walkers, and the organisers. The fast group walked through in good time and missed the steady rain, which caught the second group before they finished. The other two groups would have found the narrow, rocky track, and also the steep sections, extremely slippery in the persistent rain. We congratulate all for getting through safely as it must have been a very challenging day for many walkers. Unfortunately one group went on a steep detour and lost an hour, meaning they spent much longer with the rain, with the tail-enders, slowed by the slippery conditions, arriving back rather late in the day. While the focus had to be on the feet, I hope most were able to appreciate the good views across the deep gullies of Deep Creek, with the ocean stretching beyond. Deep Creek waterfall was flowing well and the creek crossing, with its wet slippery rocks slowed all down. The final climb, with its recently graded track looping uphill, was a great improvement on the previous 3 steep rocky climbs. Many thanks to all the leaders, organisers and esp. Bev and Ralene who again gave up their day to do the admin, early exit support, and handed out a welcoming Haighâs chocolate as the walkers arrived âhomeâ. That section had the most challenging walking we will encounter until we get way up north. Even in wet conditions the next few walks will be so much easier and enjoyable.

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