Commencement of Fire Restrictions

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Walkers should be aware that fire restrictions have commenced in all parks and reserves. Normally set for 1st November, restrictions commenced this week. Walkers camping along the Heysen Trail in national parks, conservation parks and reserves should be aware that no wood fires or solid fuel fires are permitted. Gas fires are permitted in most parks, except on days when a Total Fire Ban is declared.

As it is now late in the walking season, walkers should be aware that burn-offs are currently being undertaken in 125 national parks, conservation parks, reserves and forests throughout the state. This may result in the closure of sections of parks and of the trail. Walkers should also be highly aware of bushfire conditions. Several bushfires have already occurred throughout the state and areas where the Heysen Trail passes through.

The Heysen Trail is in a state of transition as the Fire Ban Season commences across the trail, and the trail in those areas closes. Details of dates can be found in last week’s news item:

More details of this week’s commencement of fire restrictions can be found here:


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