End-to-End Trail Maintenance Weekends

A new concept commenced in 2017 for the maintenance of the Heysen Trail aimed at:

  • Maintaining the Heysen Trail at a consistent, high standard;
  • Assisting section leaders with their maintenance responsibilities;
  • Developing our relationships with landholders and others along the trail;
  • Providing FOHT walkers with a different rural weekend experience.

The Concept

  • A specific schedule of weekend trips each month of the walking season;
  • Involving small groups of up to 10 volunteers per weekend.
  • Focus on trail basics – signage, stiles, obstacles (eg rocks, fallen trees);

Individual Requirements

  • Basic handyperson skills are desirable, not essential (training can be provided);
  • A good level of physical fitness and willingness to participate.


  • Aim to share the load between a larger group of volunteers so that individuals (particularly leaders) would attend just one or two weekends per year;
  • Section leader involvement is keenly sought;
  • Accommodation allowance and Saturday night meal will be provided by FOHT

What next

You can view upcoming Maintenance events in our Walks Calendar under the new ‘walk’ grade, End-to-End Maintenance.

Want to join in an event? You can register on the Walks Calendar. If you have comments or questions, please contact the Heysen Trail office.

Volunteers will receive a subsidy from the Friends to defray transport and accommodation expenses.