Bundaleer Weir Campsite

Accommodation Option on the Heysen Trail

Shelter (small),
Water Tank
Northern Guidebook, chapter 1, map 2
Grid ref: 708 995
Longitude: 138.5350261861
Latitude: -33.4194028611
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The Friends of the Heysen Trail
Small shelter to collect water, water tank with bench. Second square, bench.
Constructed in October 2012
This tank is midway between the town of Spalding and the Curnows Hut & Campsite - 18.8km from Spalding and 13.5km from Curnows Hut.

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5 thoughts on “Bundaleer Weir Campsite

  1. 1st camp on my walk from Spalding to Parachilna. Tank has plenty of water on 2/5/15. She’ll be overflowing through winter I’m sure. Good campsite with heaps of room for multiple groups. The cows can get a bit noisy through the night be that’s all part of the country life. Fantastic walking along the Bundaleeer channels around Spalding, and the valley north of this campsite is a great walk too.

  2. Camped here night of 22/9/15. As above says great walking. Whilst I was setting up camp, a local farmer, Glen, drove in to release an echidna that had found its way into his yard.
    Frosty tent in the morning.

  3. When will the bridge that was across the creek at the weir be put back.
    When it is ready let me know and I can help with a front end loader

  4. Hi Rob, the bridge is on the line to be re-installed but unfortunately has not reached the top of the list yet but we are hoping to get to it soon.

    Our Maintenance Coordinator, Colin, has reached out to you by email to take up your offer.

    Thanks for helping us get it out of the creek in the first place, we welcome you’re help in the re-installation!

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