Burra Creek Gorge Reserve (Worlds End)

Accommodation Option on the Heysen Trail

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Mapsheet 3D, Tothill Gap to Burra
Southern Guidebook, chapter 5, map 11
Grid ref: 193 549
Longitude: 139.044037
Latitude: -33.831139
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http://www.goyder.sa.gov.au (Regional Council of Goyder)
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22 thoughts on “Burra Creek Gorge Reserve (Worlds End)

  1. Are you aloud to ride motorbikes my son is 4 would he be okay riding a little bike around the camp site

    • Trayton, this campsite is managed by the Goyder Council, not the Friends of the Heysen Trail. Thus, we don’t have the authority to approve or disapprove, though I imagine other campers may object to a motorbike being driven around the campsite and its consequent noise.

  2. This is definitely the place to stay. Whilst there are plenty of caravans staying here, if you walk right to the end of the campground you can find a lovely sheltered spot down on the creek that is unavailable to the caravans. You can get water straight from the creek, though it has an earthy flavour, and I did treat the water – it was enough for dinner and of course you can fill up in the morning at the World’s End walk in site only 20 minutes away. You have access to bins and basically a toilet just for you since it is further away from the caravans. The toilet is one of those new composting type where the worms break down the waste, so no issue with smell or cleanliness. One of the best sites so far as I head NOBO.

  3. We didn’t stay here, instead heading on to the walk-in site. This site is popular with car campers, and has plenty of bins if you need to unload rubbish. This is a really pretty spot, but not a very quiet one, probably best appreciated in a caravan. A couple of things to note; the long drop toilet near the trail is very ripe (most long drops are inoffensive, but this one will take your breath away), and there is no water at this site. I’ve been told there is a second long drop further into the gorge, so if you’ve gotta go, that one may be a nicer option.

  4. Can you have a fire at this time of year not a big one just for cooking in a pig type cooker

  5. Hi,
    Wondering if you can help answer the following:
    1. Can you take dogs to World’s End?
    2. Is it busy on long weekends?
    3. How much space between camp spots (any privacy)?

    Thank you kindly ?

    • The camping area is managed by the Regional Council of Goyder.

      You can take dogs there. Camping spots are not marked into individual camp sites.

    • Caravans are ok and common there. The camping area is managed by the Regional Council of Goyder.

  6. Hi Dorothy, to my knowledge most of SA has camp site fire bans up until the end of April. You can always check out the the CFS website for that information.

  7. Hi, could you please tell me if wood fire is ok to use in March? At the Gorge. Weather permitting of course.
    Thank you.

  8. Hi can any 1 tell me please as I’ve never been before is there any water in the gorge or creek at all . Thanks Judy

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