Eyre Depot

Accommodation Option on the Heysen Trail

Shelter (small),
'Walk-in' site,
Water Tank
Water Tank Level

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Mapsheet 7A, Dutchmans Stern Conservation Park to north of Mt Arden
Northern Guidebook, chapter 4, map 3
Grid ref: 764 297
Longitude: 137.93245
Latitude: -32.2347166667
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https://www.heysentrail.asn.au (Friends of the Heysen Trail)
Water tank with basic shelter, Toilet, camping platform.
Phone coverage reported in Aug 2020 - 4G with most networks, (Telstra, Optus - yes, Vodafone??)

Please note that this water tank is in a range shadow, being on the western side of the ranges. At times during 2011 and 2012 the tank has been very low or empty. We would recommend the carrying of some extra water as a contingency (but not necessarily a full load) from Mt Arden South (reliable) or Dutchmans Stern (reliable).

You should watch this page for reports of the latest tank water level. We would also encourage hikers who have visited the campsite to record the tank water level on this forum page:
2009 - The original water tank was installed with funds donated by the FoHT End to End 2 walk group (2003-2008)

2020 - Further improvements and a toilet were funded by donations from the Friends End to End 9 walk group (2014-2019)

2020 - A replacement tank was generously supplied & installed by Ben Jueken & family, from Groundwater Science Ltd.

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19 thoughts on “Eyre Depot

  1. Both tanks full on 14 August. Good infrastructure. Couple of cleared sites for tents. Mobile charger not working.

  2. FOHT Trail Development team visited the site on 11/4/2022. Water level in Shelter tank approx 80% and toilet tank full.

  3. FoHT Trail Development team checked tank on 14/4/2022 – the tank was full.

  4. N2S E2E There 26.4.21. Water in Toilet Tank and Shelter Tank both about 50%. Hard walk from Arden South took 7 hrs for 14km … Rocky gorges and creek beds, scampering around dry waterfalls

  5. The leaky tank has been replaced.
    FoHT Maintenance team report the tank level on 30/7/20 was still empty.

  6. The tank at Eyre Depot campsite is empty due to a leak at the bottom. Due to COVID-19 measures our Trail Development volunteers are not able to access the site to repair it. Do not rely on obtaining water supplies at this location.

  7. Stayed here on 29th June. Plenty of water in tank. Three cleared tent sites where pegs went in easily.

  8. Walked to here on 7/9/15 from S Arden
    I am so glad I did not have to rush through the gorge. It took me much longer than I had expected. So much wildlife, birds and flowers. Absolutely lovely. Arrived at Eyre Depot too late to get to Dutchman’s. There was phone reception! Tank full. Once again I had good weather.

  9. Walked through and had lunch here on 16/5/15. Tank was full. There is cleared area for about 3-4 small tents. Very rocky area. I enjoyed the change of scenery on the western side of the ranges.

  10. Recently been past Eyre Depot and it was full with a good tap in place. Thanks to those servicing this remote site.

  11. Walking past on 12th May 2011, tank was almost empty. Enough water for the next few walkers used sparingly, but if you are relying on water here soon check the Bureau of Meteorology website to see rainfall over the time since this date.

  12. I am leaving to hike end to end from north to south as soon as the showers go down… probably Monday will be my starting day.

    Will check the water tanks and when I am back if any of them are empty will let you know.

    As said by Kodiak somewhere if there is anything I can help while in the trail just let me know.

    Take care,


  13. Well there’s no problems there because it looks like it’s had enough rain to fill the tank a million times.

  14. This is the first shelter/tank for this spot, and was installed over Easter 2009. It will need rain in the region to fill the tank.

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