Huppatz Hut

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'Walk-in' site,
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Mapsheet 3D, Tothill Gap to Burra
Southern Guidebook, chapter 5, map 9
Grid ref: 086 508
Longitude: 138.931168
Latitude: -33.86515
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Contact (Friends of the Heysen Trail).

This hut is maintained by Friends of the Heysen Trail volunteers and reserved for Heysen Trail walkers and Mawson Trail cyclists.
It is located on private property and not accessible to vehicles or caravans.
hut, bunks, water, heating/cooking facilities, table, seating, toilet
The hut was previously the club rooms at the Riverton golf course . The southern half of the hut was relocated to the property by the landowner, Mr James Huppatz.
The northern half of the structure was constructed by a team of men in association with the Adelaide Central Mission . The fireplace and chimney stones were collected from the surrounding paddocks.

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12 thoughts on “Huppatz Hut

  1. The larger water tank is leaking but still nearly full. The other is full. There is no firewood, you would struggle to find kindling. Otherwise a nice place to spend the night.

  2. Hut-bound here with 7 others for two nights (29 & 30 May) during howling gales, horizontal rain and freezing days. Thank you for providing and maintaining this vital shelter! The roofing sheets at the northern end of the verandah were lifting in the wind, so a few nails are needed. Water tanks (x2) were around 70% full.

  3. FOHT Trail Development team visited the hut on 7/4/2022. Water levels in both the Hut and the Sink tanks were 100%.

  4. E2E S2N there 22.5.21
    Fantastic Hut, had it all to ourselves. Watched sun set in the west as moon rose behind the dominating hill across from the hut.
    Gave it a spruce up and left some Chux wipes. See FOHT comments below ‘re plenty of water. If going S2N it’s an easier climb than it looks but style at top of hill is missing it’s central support pole.
    Heard a knock on the door about 1am…. just Mr Wind!

  5. FOHT Trail Development Team visited this site 23/04/21. Main water tank level 90% and sink tank 90%.

  6. Just spoke with Julia from Friends of the Heysen and this is a walk in only hut. The farmer doesn’t want people driving through his land.

  7. Stayed here on 29/07/2020 – What a treat! This is without a doubt the best hut we’ve stayed on our northbound section hikes, it’ll be hard to top this as we head north. This site is beautiful and having a sink with a (rainwater) tap is pure luxury. There was a lot of evidence of mouse droppings on the tables and in the corners. But it was nothing a sweep and wipe down could not fix, plus there are long wire hooks to hang your bag from, keeping your food bag safe. The fireplace was very welcome on a very cold winter night, just remember to keep your fires small and use only the wood you need. One tank seemed to be full of water while another was empty, so as always use water sparingly.

  8. Came through on the 13/7/19. Walked for 10km through the most ferocious wind that we have ever walked through. Hut was such a welcomed relief from the elements. Plenty of clean running water and tanks were full

  9. I stayed here on 5 June 2019, Day 20 of my northbound thru-hike. I’m so grateful for well provisioned huts like this. The logbook went back to at least 2009 and made fascinating reading. Not much wood for fires near hut so be prepared to scavenge some distance out. Water was at least 20%. No mice or vermin that I was aware of although I always hang my food in huts. The climb up THE BIG HILL was surprisingly gentle the next morning as the trail angled across the hillside rather than going straight up in typical HT fashion. Thanks for providing such wonderful huts!

  10. Great that the walk was so successful and you were able to access the hut with the car.

    Liaising with the landowner makes it so much easier, I hope you ploughed in a straight line.

    Also delighted the rodent numbers were down. Perhaps our baiting earlier in the year helped and thanks for laying more

  11. We stayed at Huppatz for 2 nights just this weekend gone. Despite the fact that it gets pretty cold at night, it was a fantastic hut to stay in along the Heysen.

    We’re hiking the Trail in sections and used Huppatz as an end point for a walk from not far out of Marrabel. Tip for those looking to use the hut – you can get a car up there very easily with your gear, just take the time to call Julian or one of the Friends to get hold of the mobile number of Andrew the farmer and make a quick call to check that driving up is ok.

    We found Andrew to be very accommodating, and even managed to get a bit of a cruise round in the tractor while he was seeing the adjacent paddock!

    Did not encounter any rodents or other intruders, but left some ratsack placed around the hut for future users…. Thanks to Julian for supplying it!

  12. Spent 2 very pleasant nights in Huppatz Hut, while we walked from 6 km south of Webb Gap to World’s end. Huppatz Hut is very cosy, and has its own sense of rough charm.

    Huppatz hut has a fireplace, sink, plumbed water, tables with assorted chairs, and 8 bunk beds, plus two singles that can be shifted around and put together as a double. There is a non-stink, outdoor long drop toilet. It is a very well cared for hut, with good frypan, kettle, a well stocked wood supply, and notes in the guest book from people who go out to clean and maintain it. It is not lined, so gets quite cold. Very good sleeping bags required in winter, despite the fire.

    The Heysen Trail guide book 1 shows access via a track from a nearby road. We took our car up, but found the "track" hard to find in the dark. It had a fence/gate across it, and I suspect it is a "rented road", through grain fields. It might pay for some-one to check if it is ok with the Huppatz family to take vehicles in, as we don’t want to impinge on their goodwill.

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