Marschalls Hut

Accommodation Option on the Heysen Trail

Walker's platform installed September 2019.
Walker's platform installed September 2019.
'Walk-in' site,
Water Tank
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Mapsheet 3C, Marrabel Golf Club to Tothill Gap
Southern Guidebook, chapter 5, map 3
Grid ref: 999 169
Longitude: 138.83136
Latitude: -34.168823
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This hut is maintained by Friends of the Heysen Trail volunteers and reserved for Heysen Trail walkers and Mawson Trail cyclists. It is located on private property and not accessible to vehicles or caravans.
hut, walker's platform, bunks, water, fireplace, table, seating, toilet.
Marschalls Hut was originally built in the mid 1850s, and the current hut is built with stones from the 5-room homestead ruins. Christian and Elise Marschall and their eight childen arrived in South Australia in October of 1854 having left their home in Babow in present day Germany. Christian's grave is in the adjacent cemetery.

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13 thoughts on “Marschalls Hut

  1. Stayed here 22/7/22. Didn’t seem to be much in the tank, which was a surprise after recent rains. Otherwise it was great. Clean and tidy, and I tried to leave it that way

  2. Camped here 26/5/22. Fire wood and toilet paper provided by the land owner was very much appreciated. Water tank is full. Heard about a big rat here so we brought in a six pack of Talon rat treats.

  3. FOHT Trail Development team visited the hut on 7/4/2022. Water level in the Hut tank was approx 95%.

  4. E2E S2N 20.5.21
    Fantastic Hut, great views. Main water tank around 2/3 full. Toilet tank around 1/2 full. Tap in toilet running slightly when we got here, turned it off. May need attention.
    Mick & Carol

  5. Cycling the Mawson trail S-N. Detoured to spend the night in the hut. Beautiful spot. Tank still very low (just above the tap line), but enough water to fill a couple of bottles. Rain was forecast after we left so may have filled a little more.

  6. Visited the hut on a maintenance trip on 23/8. The tank at the hut is at only 10% capacity. Inspected the gutters and they were blocked. Cleared them, so depending on rain over the rest of winter, water level should improve.
    There is a small tank at the toilet that feeds the sink tap. The level is also low, but provides a back up supply.

  7. Hi Terry, trail huts like this are designed for trail users to stay in and share with other trail users for an evening

  8. Do you have to be a trail Walker to use these huts or can they be used by others and are their stay restrictions

  9. I left Marrabel early on 5:9/15, very warm day with strong northerly. Stayed at this lovely hut until 4 pm (daylight saving has started). Then walked on 15 Kms to bush camp south of Martvsle road. Easy to carry water as walking pleasant and easy, through back roads and light forest. This considerably shortens the journey to Kapunda.
    The tank at Marschalls is small and only 1/5 full when I was there. There is a small tank on the toilet but seems to feed into the toilet basin??
    I think this hut is used a lot by visitors with cars.
    No evidence of posssums. The cemetery made me want to weep. So many young deaths.

  10. Excellent hut in a beautiful location. Currently being shared with a possum, so there is a little bit of a smell, but nothing too bad. Sheep provided some vocal company through the windy night.

    Bumped into Trailwalkers led by Colin Edwards there on Sunday. Nice to meet you all if you are reading this.

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