Mt Arden South ‘walk-in’ site

Accommodation Option on the Heysen Trail

Mt Arden South Camp Site
Mt Arden South Camp Site
Shelter (small),
'Walk-in' site,
Water Tank
Water Tank Level

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Mapsheet 7A, Dutchmans Stern Conservation Park to north of Mt Arden
Northern Guidebook, chapter 4, map 4
Grid ref: 805 372
Longitude: 137.97467
Latitude: -32.16675
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Camp site, water, small basic shelter to capture rainwater. There is an additional campsite located 250m north of this campsite, it is on Arden Vale station property, and includes a BBQ and table & chairs - this campsite is on a 4WD track. It has no water.
There is a water tank at the summit of Mount Arden.
This tank, called the Hunken Tank, in memory of Geoff Hunken, who died suddenly from a cerebral haemorrhage. He was a a dedicated walker and walk leader with the Friends and his mother, following Geoff's death donated money for a tank, in his memory.
The tank was installed in the late 1900's and replaced in 2007.

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14 thoughts on “Mt Arden South ‘walk-in’ site

  1. FoHT Trail Development team checked tank on 14/4/2022 – level approx 90% full

  2. If for any reason you require it, there is also another rainwater tank approximately 2km north of this campsite along the trail. You’ll pass through some radio towers, a trig marker, and some instrumentation – there is a freely accessible tank right here.
    Coordinates: 32°09’06.6″S 137°58’43.2″E

  3. Stayed here on 30th June. Plenty of water in tank and wood nearby for a fire that was most welcomed. A number of cleared sites to position tent where pegs went in easily. Had ice on my tent next morning even though I was amongst the trees so coals from fireplace warmed my hands in the morning.

  4. A nice sight right on dark at 6pm after leaving the Dutchman at 7.30 that morning (4/5/18).
    Tank seemed to be quite full. Shelf under shelter was very useful for un-packing / re-packing. Quite a good fairly flat tent site close by.
    Dutchman should be treated with care. I took 3 tumbles including one that could have been very nasty. Probably trying to rush it a bit.

  5. I walked to here on 6/9/15. A fabulous, exhilarating walk up the creek from Bucksronga gorge and along the ridge to mt Arden. Light fading as I approached the camp. The 4WD site looks very sad and needs a spruce up. Plenty of water at hikers camp. Difficult to find even a reasonably level spot. (I am not complaining, just commenting)
    Was sunny, but quite windy. Trees have grown a lot. Everything very green

  6. There is also a tank at the top of Mt Arden under the radio masts. This was full on the 17/5/15.

  7. If you are a large group head north to the 4wd campsite (property also has 4wd tourism). Tank had plenty of water. Camped here on the 16/5/15. Wish I’d had organised a full day to walk Eyre Depot Tank to Mt Arden South Campsite as I really rushed through the creek/ gorge to make it before dark, I walked Dutchman Hut to Mt Arden Sth campsite.

  8. Went past this tank recently and there was plenty of water. It has been a wet start to the year and the whole area is very green with various waterholes along the creek bed.

  9. Hi Peter,

    We were there in June and the tank had plenty of water then. It has rained considerably since then so I expect it should be close to full. The same applies to the Eyre Depot Tank, to the south, and I will be looking at the Buckaringa Tank, to the north, on Friday!!

  10. Am looking to be camping at Mt Arden South Campsite toward the end of September and wondering if anyone knows whether the rainwater tank has sufficient water in it?



  11. The Tank – Geoff Huncken Tank – has the rudimentary water catching roof, provided by us and recently replaced.

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