Red Range ‘walk-in’ site

Accommodation Option on the Heysen Trail

Camping platform and water tank.
Camping platform and water tank.
New toilet constructed August 2016
New toilet constructed August 2016
Shelter (small),
'Walk-in' site,
Water Tank
Water Tank Level

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Mapsheet 8A, Mernmerna Creek to Black Gap
Northern Guidebook, chapter 5, map 5
Grid ref: 634 922
Longitude: 138.504775
Latitude: -31.681074
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Water tank (very basic small shelter to capture rainwater), camping platform, toilet (new toilet constructed August 2015)
Note that there is no access to or from this campsite other than via the Heysen Trail. The campsite was moved 200m northwards in March 2011 (new GR634 922). The Heysen Trail passes directly through the campsite.

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20 thoughts on “Red Range ‘walk-in’ site

  1. FoHT Trail Development team checked tank on 14/4/2022 – level approx. 90% full

  2. Tank approx 75% full 28/09/2021

    Toilet was rather pongy 😂

    Marginal Optus coverage from the hill to the east. Can even reach the Carrieton UHF repeater.

  3. There on 20.4.21 walking N-S. Good water. Tank off shelter about 60% full, wasps around and at times in the tap!. Harder to judge the solid plastic tank off toilet, good pressure, guess about 60% again. Great quiet campsite. We cleaned up some of the redback spiders who live around the toilet seat! Platform makes a big difference.

  4. FoHT Maintenance team report the level of the main tank on 31/7/20 was 70%. Level on toilet tank was not taken.

  5. A long day from Wilpena and thankfully the water was in good supply when we arrived. The views from Bridle Gap were exceptional. Made good time for lunch in the creek just east of Mount Ide by 12:30 and the cracked on. The last 4km was through Cyprus forests and purple shale with the Elder Ranges spectacular. Red Range camp again had good water.

  6. Stayed here on 10th July ’19. Level areas for tent, pegs went into ground easily. Plenty of wood for fire if needed. Water tank was over half full. Nice camping spot amongst native pine and river gums. Thanks to FOHT who have maintained this campsite.

  7. Coed here 1/9/15. My only day with significant drizzle. From memory the toilet had a door. The toilet seemed new and the tank had little water in it. The tank from the shelter had a small ammount of water which only trickled out. . But I discovered much later on that some taps need to be turned clockwise to be fully on. I actually used creek water for cooking as it had a good flow.

  8. A party of four of us stayed overnight at Red Range camp on 4 July 2015 as part of a two day walk between Moralana and Mt Little Station. Didn’t see another soul for the whole walk and had the campsite to ourselves. Agree with Dean above, the doorless toilet facing the campsite (indeed the whole toilet arrangement) needs work if it is to remain. The water tank was full and the tall tales told round the campfire rounded out our stay nicely on what was a very cold night. Camped at Mt Little Station before and after the walk. Chris and Kate from Mt Little arranged transport to Moralana for us. They have camping and cottage accommodation available. Have nothing but praise for the Mt Little hosts – they are friendly and accommodating and have great camping facilities (particularly of note, lovely hot showers and a seemingly endless supply of firewood!)

  9. We were quite surprised to come across a table in the creek at 54J E 262350 S 6489771 ???? (google map)We hadn’t seen a road for some distance and there was no signs of the table being used for some time. We were very puzzled/amused.

    Later finding a gas BBQ, a very stylish seat in the riverbank and also a longdrop loo, we presume the locations are (or were) part of some kind of tourist facilities on Arkaba Station.

    If anyone else could shed some light on them, it would be appreciated.

  10. Camped here on April 18th with Rover Scouts. Our second night out while hiking from where the trail crosses the Hawker-Parachilna Road to the Parachilna Gorge trailhead (7 days/125ish km.)

    The water tank was full (thanks to the 50mm of rain Hawker had in November-December last year) however the toilet appeared to also be full – we chose to dig catholes instead.

    We arrived at 6:10 after walking from Mayo Hut. Dinner was noodles with sweet potato soup and cheesecake for dessert (supposed to serve 12? it served 2 of us for dessert and breakfast :lol:)

    Sat around the fire having a chat until 11pm. We rose the next morning at 7:45 and departed by 9:45 for Bridle Gap.

  11. Hi Julian,

    That was great timing for us. Hard to say exactly how much water is in the tank but no more than a quarter full. Hopefully they get some more rain up there shortly.

    Thanks again


  12. Steve,

    You were lucky as we had a maintenance group there about 3 weeks ago and fixed the problem.

    Some recent rain may have helped.

    How much water was in the tank?

  13. Just to let you know – camped at Red Range on Saturday night (18th August) and there was water available. We had been previously advised that the inlet on the tank was broken but this had been fixed. Good basic camp.

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