Rossiters Hut

Accommodation Option on the Heysen Trail

'Walk-in' site,
Water Tank
Mapsheet 2D, Tower Hill to Tanunda
Southern Guidebook, chapter 4, map 3
Mount Crawford Forest.
Grid ref: 162 703
Longitude: 138.995892
Latitude: -34.59117
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Forestry SA.
Mt Crawford Forest Information Centre.
A ranger is in attendance at the Mount Crawford Forest Office Warren Road between 10am - 12pm, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
For enquiries outside these hours, please phone or email. Telephone: (+61 8) 8521 1700. Email:
Bookings are not required.
This campsite is maintained by Friends of the Heysen Trail volunteers and is reserved for Heysen Trail and other walkers.
There is no vehicular access.

Due to the risk of Fire, camping and accommodation is not available between 30 November and 1 April..
hut, bunks, water, heating/fireplace, table, seating, toilet.

Rossiters is a ‘walk in’ campsite reserved for hikers, including those walking the Heysen Trail.
Built as a shepherd's hut in the late 19th century. Rebuilt in 1998.

The forest around the hut was clear felled in 2014.

Renovations completed May 2022.
Please note that in addition to fire bans applicable to the Mt Lofty Region, special fire restrictions apply to Forestry SA campsites. Provided that a fire ban has not been imposed by the Country Fire Service: Wood fires are permitted within the forest from 1 May to 31 October each year. Gas fires are permitted from 1 April to 30 November. Fireplaces should be cleared of all flammable material for a distance of 4 metres. Someone must be present at all times and ensure that the fire is fully extinguished before leaving. Fines will be imposed if this advice is disregarded. Refer to the Mt Crawford Forest (East) Visitor Brochure for further information. Occasionally access to Forest reserves may be restricted. Refer to the Forestry SA webpage to check whether there are any upcoming closures for Mt Crawford Forest.

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15 thoughts on “Rossiters Hut

  1. Six of us overnighted at Rossiters Hut (3 adults, 3 kids) – maybe the first occupants after the renovation? No rodents in evidence. It was freezing cold but we had a nice fire going. Plenty of water in the tank. There is a broken slat on one of the top bunks.

  2. Stayed here last night. A wonderfully secure shelter on a windy night. Water tank 65 percent full. Door latch is broken. Thank you Friends of the Heysen Trail for providing and maintaining this asset.

  3. Stayed at Rossiters hut on 20/5/2021. Found it a bit dusty, so gave it a sweep out and brush down. Makes all the difference. Saw a fantastic sunset from the hill nearby, you can see for miles. Fire works well and had a cosy night. Few mice running around but if you keep your food packed away they loose interest. Water tank only about 20% but water still ok.

  4. We were at Rossiter’s hut 15/09/2019 and it has a good water supply.
    The hut was very tidy and clean.
    We found the door open and left a note on the table to say please pull the door very firmly to close it properly.

  5. I’ll probably use a trangia or butane stove (before the end of November). Thanks for the tip-off regarding the mice.

  6. Cool, good to know before you head out there! In August last year the problem was reported as being fixed, but apparently not. I think there is no need to lock it anywhere, it is far from anyway.

    Remember fires are not permitted. Maybe take along some newspaper to read ;-). Enjoy the mice! (oh yes)

  7. Last I heard the door *appears* to be secured by a padlock, but the door can still be opened. I think that was about 4 months ago, second hand story not sure.

    Thanks Jez, see my edited my message above.

  8. Last I heard the door *appears* to be secured by a padlock, but the door can still be opened. I think that was about 4 months ago, second hand story not sure.

  9. I emailed ForestrySA and they replied that I didn’t need to book and made no mention of a combination for the lock. Is there a lock and is a combination required?

    Edit: They just got back to me again. The booking is really just the park fee and the lock is there but not attached to the latch as it has seized up.

  10. Quite a distance from the nearest roads. 3-4-5 or so kilometres depending on direction or if one walks in through Kaisherstuhl Conservation Park.

  11. The lock on the door is broken and consequently the hut is always unlocked.

    A nice hill next to hut to watch the sunset over the valley.

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