Stony Creek ‘walk-in’ site

Accommodation Option on the Heysen Trail

Shelter (small),
'Walk-in' site,
Water Tank
Water Tank Level

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Mapsheet 6B, Melrose to Wilmington
Northern Guidebook, chapter 3, map 3
Mt Remarkable National Park
Grid ref: 269 773
Longitude: 138.092028
Latitude: -32.704715
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Camping permits required for 'backpacking sites' in Mt Remarkable NP. Permits cannot be booked on-line.
Please contact the Natural Resource Centre - Clare to organise your stay.
Phone: (+61 8) 8841 3400
$8.00/person/night (rates valid as at July 2023).
water tank/shelter

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18 thoughts on “Stony Creek ‘walk-in’ site

  1. FoHT Trail Development Team visited this site on 22/4/21. Tank water level 100%.

  2. Camped at Stony Creek on July 23 2019. Considering June had been so wet I thought the tank water should be very usable. Far from it. Even after boiling for 5 minutes scooping off the green and brown scum it was still thick with mud and worst of all was the smell. I think the tank must be completely fouled and wouldn’t consider it a reliable water source at the moment.

  3. In addition to previous comment, if you’re heading north from here, and want to avoid the detour into Wilmington/walking the ~30km to Catninga Shed, there is a cemetery on the trail some 4-5km north of Stony Creek campsite (at Alligator Gorge Road) which has a full tank behind the central shelter. Water came out crystal clear.

  4. Got into Stony Creek on 25/6 and tank water was undrinkable. Came out cloudy, smelly and with an oily film on surface. Pulled out leaves from the gutter, but may need some serious attention. Writing this comment a few weeks after passing through, so a current update would be appreciated. PS. This was the only tank I found along the entire 1200km that had crappy water, the rest were A-OK (and filled up).

  5. Was told by a hiker heading south that the water in this tank made his companion ill. When I arrived 4 days later the water had a very distinct smell but luckily I was diverting into Wilmington for that night. Friends of Heysen have been notified concerning the water quality.

  6. Coming from alligator gorge road on 26/5, the section down to stony creek campsite, I found to be pretty straightforward. (See note from dean 3/6/15). There were quite a few markers including some that were basically just stakes with red tops. These markers may be new additions.

  7. Coming from Wilmington. On 13/9/15 I nearly missed this site. Tank was full. Plenty of signs going up the hill.

  8. Plenty of water in tank. Coming down the last ridge from Alligator gorge road to campsite I completely lost markers, top part plenty of markers last 100m or so more markers than you can poke a stick at, in the middle …lost them? Anyway just check your map and follow the ridge down.

  9. Hi,

    It’s been a while since the tap issue, just wondering if anyone knows whether it’s been fixed? I’m planning on passing through next week.



  10. Hi,

    It’s been a while since the tap issue, just wondering if anyone knows whether it’s been fixed? I’m planning on passing through next week.



  11. I can report that the tank now has no tap at all. I broke it off today trying to repair it.

    The tank is plugged with a branch and plumbers tape, so water can be accessed, albeit at a very high flow rate.

    The tank is full however minus what I lost today, until a handy thumb plugged the hole, whilst I was making the plug!

  12. It is reported that the tank tap is broken and it is not possible to obtain any water. If it has been wet you could normally expect there to be water in the creek. The broken tap has been reported to the maintenance people.

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