Webb Gap Camp Site

Accommodation Option on the Heysen Trail

Shelter (small),
Water Tank
Southern Guidebook, chapter 5, map 7
Grid ref: 116 384
Longitude: 138.9605738306
Latitude: -33.9780806111
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Friends of the Heysen Trail
Shelter with water tank and bench, and square camping platform/bench.
Campsite completed September 2012. View re-route map: https://www.heysentrail.asn.au/heysen_trail/re-routes.php?reroute_id=142 Distances: Smith Hill Camp Site to Webb Gap Camp Site - 13.3km Webb Gap Camp Site to Huppatz Hut - 16.2km

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3 thoughts on “Webb Gap Camp Site

  1. Campsite is miss located on the map (map sheet 3C). Actual location is at the highest point of road on the northern side. Basically right where Webb Gap is printed on map.

  2. Nice spot that I stopped through on 5 June. Not too many level spots for tents. Looked to be a newish multi-use platform which is great. Water tank at least 30%.

  3. 2/10/15. I left Huppatz hut at dawn, as the forecast was for a warm day. Got to this site early, them waited until 3.30 before moving on.
    I had noted an entry in the HHut logbook, of a lady who said there was no water tank at Webb gap.
    Very odd. But , she wad coming from the south and the map shows the site to be before one climbs up to the gap. I was expecting it there as well.
    However, when I reached the top, I did see a stile, which was unmarked. I thought it might be for another ridge top trail. I only checked to make sure the HT did not go on the other side of the fence. It was only once I was over that I suddenly noticed what looked like corrugated iron. It was the camp site. The lady in the log had camped at the bottom of the hill and drank dam water!!

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