Whistling Trig Tank

Accommodation Option on the Heysen Trail

Shelter (small),
Water Tank
Southern Guidebook, chapter 6, map 9
Grid ref: 880 960
Longitude: 138.7190483389
Latitude: -33.4544842306
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The Friends of the Heysen Trail
Small shelter to collect water, water tank with bench
Constructed in October 2012
This is a windy, exposed site, as evidenced by the nearby wind farms. This tank is midway between the towns of Hallett and Spalding - 22.5km from Hallett, and 26km from Spalding.

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4 thoughts on “Whistling Trig Tank

  1. Whistling Trig Tank is one of our newest watering points.

    Called Whistling Trig as the tank structure whistles in the wind, as the wind passes through the frame.

    It is quite an exposed site and not suitable for camping unless you have a tent capable of withstanding potentially high winds. The trig is Crown Land, however the surrounding paddocks are private property

  2. I camped here the night if 24/9/15. Tank was full. Wind was not too bad, easterly, so I went downhill a bit to the west. Fantastic views. If blowing a gale, which I suspect it often is, if going S one could collect water and drop down to EEGeorge rd. if going N, it would be better to seek a more sheltered spot on the road and go up to collect water.
    The roadsides are quite wide.

  3. Far too windy when I arrived on the 19th Oct 17 so topped up with water and camped further south near Hacklins Cnr Rd.

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