Section 35: Curnows Hut to Raeville

Region: Mid North

This is diverse walk through native scrub, Bundaleer pine forest and farmland. The ridgetops and testing climbs reward walkers with spectacular panoramic views.

Note that the re-route of the trail established in April 2021 to follow the Bundaleer Greenway has been removed. The original trail from Curnows Hut to New Campbell Hill has been reinstated.

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Mapsheet 5A, Spalding to Hiskeys Hut

Northern Guidebook, chapter 1 map 4.
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Location of Curnows Hut
726 102
(272600 6310200 zone 54)
Latitude: -33.3233617583 (33° 19' 24.1023")
Longitude: 138.5570676222 (138° 33' 25.4434")
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Location of Raeville
633 066
(263300 6306600 zone 54)
Latitude: -33.3537969333 (33° 21' 13.669")
Longitude: 138.4562993083 (138° 27' 22.6775")
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