Section 35: Curnows Hut to Raeville

Region: Mid North

This is diverse walk through native scrub, Bundaleer pine forest and farmland. The ridgetops and testing climbs reward walkers with spectacular panoramic views.

Bundaleer Forest new Greenway Route

 Following fires in recent years Forestry SA decided to cease logging the forest and has subsequently transferred it to private management, lease and control.  As the area no longer comes under Crown Land it means the only options for Heysen walkers are to follow the marked Greenway route which is covered by the Greenway legislation or try to link parts of it with public access roads if they want to shorten the distance.  Other sections of land are described as private or private access.

 Walkers are able to travel along Neindorf Road, however the only points of access to Neindorf Road are where it meets the Heysen Trail.  Many former Forestry “tracks” are now on private land so walkers should take care to remain on the marked trail and public roads. The new route adds approx. 11km to the existing trail ie it cuts out several km of old trail up to New Campbell Hill but adds more within the former Forest. 

 The distance on the Heysen Trail from Curnows Hut via the Greenway to Raeville on Lehman Road is now 30km. 

 The Heysen Trail is also accessible from the Bundaleer picnic ground as an alternative start or end point for a shorter day walk/section and camping is available. 

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Mapsheet 5A, Spalding to Hiskeys Hut

Northern Guidebook, chapter 1 map 4.
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Location of Curnows Hut
726 102
(272600 6310200 zone 54)
Latitude: -33.3233617583 (33° 19' 24.1023")
Longitude: 138.5570676222 (138° 33' 25.4434")
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Location of Raeville
633 066
(263300 6306600 zone 54)
Latitude: -33.3537969333 (33° 21' 13.669")
Longitude: 138.4562993083 (138° 27' 22.6775")
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