This section of the Trail follows picturesque Mernmerna Creek and Slaty Creek to the Red Range campsite.

Due to land management issues access to and from Red Range campsite can only be undertaken along the Heysen Trail. This creates a long section for day walkers. The last southern public access point is Mt Little Station/Mayo Gorge, and the next public access point to the north is where the Heysen Trail crosses Moralana Scenic Drive – a distance of 15.4km from Mayo Gorge to Red Range Campsite + 15km from Red Range Campsite to Moralana Drive (a total of 30.4km).

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7D Mount Elm Camp Site to Mernmerna Creek

Northern Guidebook, chapter 5 map 3.
chapter 5 map 4.
chapter 5 map 5.

Location of Mt Little Station
544 850
(254400 6485000 zone 54)
Latitude: -31.7441324611 (31° 44' 38.8769")
Longitude: 138.4074024139 (138° 24' 26.6487")
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Location of Red Range
634 919
(263400 6491900 zone 54)
Latitude: -31.6838356167 (31° 41' 1.8082")
Longitude: 138.5039973333 (138° 30' 14.3904")
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