Section 41: White Park Road to Murraytown

Following the reroute of trail in in April 2021 of the section immediately to the south (Walk 40 commencing in Wirrabara Forest), the start point of this section has been relocated to commence at White Park Rd.

This section starts at the junction of White Park & Yellow Cutting Rds. The day is spent walking along back roads and road reserves through undulating farmland.

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Mapsheet 6A, Wirrabara Forest to Melrose

Northern Guidebook, chapter 2 map 8.
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Location of White Park Road
355 465
(235500 6346500 zone 54)
Latitude: -32.995188 (32° 59' 42.6768")
Longitude: 138.161677 (138° 9' 42.0372")
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Location of Murraytown
410 531
(241000 6353100 zone 54)
Latitude: -32.9297141167 (32° 55' 46.9708")
Longitude: 138.2300899389 (138° 13' 48.3238")
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