Section 40: Wirrabara Forest to Block 9 Road

Wirrabara Forest views - Heysen Trail through Wirrabara Forest to Reopen

Two small sections of the trail remain re-routed after the Bangor fires of Jan/Feb 2014 - check the re-routes page on this website.

This section provides a very diverse range of scenery, beginning with the dense natural scrub, ridgelines and spectacular vistas of the Telowie Gorge Conservation Park, then descending to a narrow single file track along a very pretty creek line, before emerging into walk alongside pine forests.

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Mapsheet 5B, Hiskeys Hut to Wirrabara Forest;
Mapsheet 6A, Wirrabara Forest to Melrose

Northern Guidebook, chapter 2 map 6.
chapter 2 map 7.

Location of Wirrabara Forest
383 356
(238300 6335600 zone 54)
Latitude: -33.0867381389 (33° 5' 12.2573")
Longitude: 138.1962562333 (138° 11' 46.5224")
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Location of Block 9 Road
352 432
(235200 6343200 zone 54)
Latitude: -33.0175169611 (33° 1' 3.0611")
Longitude: 138.1652757944 (138° 9' 54.9929")
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