Tanks-the unreliable water supply for walkers

One of the many tanks along the trail installed and maintained by the Friends of the Heysen Trail

Heysen Trail walkers are reminded that in some locations on the trail, the supply of water can’t be guaranteed

Walkers, especially through walkers, need to be aware that water and its quality cannot be guaranteed along the Trail.

Whilst we endeavour to have up to date information on water levels on all our tanks, due to the remote location of some, this is not always possible.

Be prepared

  1. Plan for your walk, by checking the location of tanks along the trail

    There are approximately 70 publicly accessible water tanks and supply points along the trail, not including addition sources in the towns the trail passes. Generally you will pass at least one water point a day.

    You can find a list of these water sources in the Accommodation list on the Friends website. By conducting a ‘Water tank’ & ‘Water only location’ search on that page, you will find the water points along your intended route.

  2. Look at what other walkers have reported about each of the water supplies.

    Read any comments that have made by other walkers about the tanks and campsites. You will find them at the bottom of each page of the  campsite and tank tank location description.

    As the trail heads into the more remote and arid areas in the north, the water supply is less reliable. Read what other walkers have posted recently and as a back up, carry enough water to last into the next day if you’re unsure.

Send us reports on the condition of tanks, campsites and the trail.

You can help other walkers and our Office volunteers keep a track of water supplies. Tell us about tank water levels and quality in the ‘Leave a Reply’ section on the relevant Accommodation listing.

If you see maintenance work that needs attention, you can also report that to our Trail Development team. Post a comment and we will get the problem assessed and fixed as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or information that will assist us in maintaining the trail, you can also contact the Friend’s Office.

We trust this will help you and fellow walkers enjoy the trail.