Catninga Water Tank

A Collaborative Effort to Install a Water Tank

Friends of the Heysen Trail

Originally published in the Trailwalker magazine: Summer 2008, Dec 2007

Walkers who had hiked through in 2005 with Brian Daniels and his family
Jerry Foster presents Bill Daniels with the plaque

As we are all so aware of at the moment, water is a precious commodity. So it’s with some note that a recent project to install a water tank on the slopes of Mt Brown was undertaken collaboratively by several parties.

When the End-to-End 1 group walked through here in 2005, David Beaton got into conversation with a local farmer who was battling with a shed construction. Out of this discussion a plan formed to construct suitable water catchment facilities at the said shed.

Eventually, the project was coordinated between the interested parties: the local farmer, Brian Daniels, the Friends of the Heysen Trail (funded by the End-to-End 1 group), the Department for Environment and Heritage and the Country Fire Service, with a little help from the Army Reserves. The project involved roofing the shed that was then under construction with material suitable for water catchment and installing some water tanks.

So now water is available for hikers, the tanks located on private property but immediately beside the trail. The water is also available for the farmer and for fire fighting needs on that property and the adjacent national park.

When the End-to-End 2 group passed through in September this year, we presented a plaque to Brian to be erected on the fence adjacent the shed and trail. We had intended to erect the sign that day, as Bill has come prepared with a cordless drill. However the fence was to be replaced soon, so the extra weight Bill carried was in vain!