Catninga Shed

Accommodation Option on the Heysen Trail

Self contained unit/house,
Water Tank
Mapsheet 6C, Wilmington to Woolshed Flat
Northern Guidebook, chapter 3, map 7
Private property, immediately beside Heysen Trail and Mount Brown Conservation Park

Grid ref: 188 983
Longitude: 138.007919
Latitude: -32.517868
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Heather and Brian, Catninga Homestead
Phone: (+61 8) 8643 6327 or (+61) 0458 436 363

Water is available to all hikers, however to stay in this facility bookings are required.
$25/person (subject to variation) on a 'a leave it as you found it' basis.
Fees current as at July 2021.
Water tank located beside farm shed, access to tank for all hikers.
Shed, described as a "rustic mountain shed", comprises 4 camp beds; wood stove; gas BBQ; camp shower and flush toilet.
The water tank is a joint initiative between the local farmer, the Friends of the Heysen Trail, Department for Department for Environment & Water (DEW) and the CFS. Accommodation in the shed is available by booking.

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13 thoughts on “Catninga Shed

  1. Walked from Broadview to Woolshed Flat with E2E10 on the 04/08/19 and can confirm the tanks are currently full.

  2. Don and Frank
    15/09/2018 Stayed in the shed it saved us. There was a 30 knot wind storm out side.

  3. Stayed here on 22nd May ’18. Cost was $25-well worth it as it was a good shelter, had plenty of clean water, even a flush dunny, plus a gym mat type of mattress. No mice. Thanks to the owners in providing this Shed. It made for an easier hike upwards the next day.

    • 14/09/2018
      Don and Frank stayed over night in the shed it saved us as it was 30 knots out side.

  4. Heading north camped there on the 7/05/17. A beautiful spot. Utilised the water tank (full) and the fire pit. Setting up the tent in the front fenced area. Rang Heather and made a donation for the use of their water and land. We like to support the people who support the Hysen trail.

  5. I walked up to the Hut from Catninga through Peter Goode Gully.
    (stunning walk but tested by fitness)

    The hut is that – a bush hut (corrugated iron shed) with some rustic touches thrown in.
    It’s in a great spot and had everything I needed for the night.

    I was thankful for the shower and would stay here again when heading up for a walk on Mt Brown.

    Brian and Heather had been there recently, so the place was looking tidy.
    Fee was $25 per person.

  6. I stayed here the night of 11/9/15. Arranged by phone with the owners, who were away and had not been able to “spruce” the place up. I could find no easy way into the site except to clamber over gates. The key was hidden where it was meant to be. Water is available for walkers, but as above access is not straight forward. The place looks as thought it needs a good clean up. The ” campfire” area is full of stinging nettles.
    Once inside the shed, there were only 2 beds with others kind of stacked against the walls. Two bivvies were rolled up. I laid on one as I has a chance to sun air it.
    The cost per night is in fact, $25 per person. But there is a MINIMUM charge of $50. So for solo walkers it is a stiff cost. The fire worked very well. Not sure about the “shower”. Too much work for me. Anyway, I had to stop, I could not manage the long distances that others can. So I was glad to stay.
    The walk to mt brown is easy, but very steep descending to Catninga

  7. the owner Brian tells me that they are now charging $15 per night per person to use the shed. contact him on above mobile for information to enter the shed

  8. After talking to you the other day re hire of your hut . We are thinking of being there for three nights over a weekend .Some time in the last 2 weeks of August this year.
    I could not find the cost on your web site.
    How easy is it to get cars/ floats to the hut.
    Are numbers per stay restricted.Most sleep in there car/ floats. and many have there own horse yards.
    I have had allot of interest so far but come closer to the date i’m sure they will drop.
    Still looking at around 4-6 horses and riders for starters but may be more.
    I’ve been asked to ask you— is it easy to find your way around — Hows the ridding .
    Thanks and sorry about all the questions

  9. The owners of Catninga have now upgraded this shed and hikers can hire the facility. This is a welcome addition to the Heysen Trail, the section between Woolshed Flat/Waukarie Campsite and Horrocks Pass/Wilmington is quite long.

    Catninga Shed

    Rustic mountain shed beside the Heysen Trail. Comprising 4 camp beds; wood stove; gas BBQ; camp shower and flush toilet. Private accommodation (this is not a Heysen Trail hut). To enquire or book please contact Heather or Brian on 0458 436 363 or email net.

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