Trail Closure During Fire Danger Season

Large areas of south eastern Australia suffer from the threat of bushfires. The Heysen Trail is closed during these high risk times. This time, called the Fire Danger Season, generally runs between November and April, but different areas of the trail fall into different Fire Ban Districts, resulting in slightly different dates. Due to seasonal variations fire risk can vary, so the Fire Danger Season may be extended.

The closure dates of the Heysen Trail are given on relevant maps and/or signs on the Heysen Trail. Signs on the Trail take precedence over dates given on maps. The most up to date information regarding these dates are available from the SA Country Fire Service (CFS) (or by calling the CFS on 1300 362 361), and takes precedence over both Trail signs and maps.

The viability of the Heysen Trail is dependent on the continuing co-operation of private landholders, so the trail closure times must be obeyed at all times.

Some sections of the Heysen Trail remain open year round, principally those sections not on private land. These sections include public roads, Conservation Parks and Reserves (closed on days of Total Fire Ban), Forests (closed on days of Total Fire Ban) and vacant land.

In summer, smoking is only permitted when resting (i.e. stopped walking) and in a cleared area with a four metre radius. Please ensure your cigarette is fully extinguished before moving on.

ForestrySA reserves fire restrictions

You cannot light any fires on Forestry land, including Forest Reserves, between 1 November and 30 April in any year.

For further information contact Ranger staff on 08 8521 1700.

Normal Fire Danger Season Dates

The dates given here include the Fire Danger Season dates announced by the CFS on 17 October 2019. As already stated, the Fire Danger Season may be extended, so please check the actual dates that may be in place on the SA Country Fire Service (CFS) website: or by calling the CFS Bushfire Information Hotline on 1300 362 361.

Fire Ban District Fire Danger Season
From To
Mount Lofty Ranges 15 November 30 April
Adelaide Metropolitan 15 November 30 April
Mid North 1 November 30 April
Flinders 21 October 15 April

Out of the fifteen Fire Ban Districts, only the relevant ones have been listed.

Prescribed Burns

Prescribed burns are often undertaken across the State in the lead up to the Fire Danger Season, near the end of the walk season. These are controlled fires designed to reduce fuel load. Details of prescribed burns can be viewed on the CFS website: or by calling the CFS Bushfire Information Hotline on 1300 362 361.

Trail Sections Open Year Round

Some sections of the Heysen Trail remain open year round, principally those sections not on private land. These sections include public roads, Conservation Parks and Reserves, Forests and vacant land. Conservation Parks and Reserves and Forests are closed on days of Total Fire Ban. The CFS publishes these bans, as does the Bureau of Meteorology, in addition to broadcasted weather reports issued by the media.

Many of these many sections are too small to be of much consequence, but some of the longer sections are noted here:

From To Land Use Maps
Cape Jervis Talisker Road vacant land Southern Guidebook,
Map 1.1Heysen Trail Sheet Map 1A.
Naiko Inlet Tunkalilla Beach
(eastern end)
vacant land/Deep Creek Conservation Park/ beach Southern Guidebook,
Maps 1.1-1.3Heysen Trail Sheet Map 1A.
Parsons Beach King Head
(1km west of)
Newland Head Conservation Park/ vacant land Southern Guidebook,
Maps 1.5-1.6Heysen Trail Sheet Map 1B.
Blackfellows Creek Road (near Kuitpo Colony) Rowe Road vacant land/Kyeema Conservation Park/ Kuitpo Forest/public road Southern Guidebook,
Maps 2.8-3.1Heysen Trail Sheet Map 1D.

Cleland Conservation Park

Conservation Park Southern Guidebook,
Map 3.4Heysen Trail Sheet Map 2B.
Horsnell Gully Conservation Park Cudlee Creek Montacute Conservation Park/ Forest/public road Southern Guidebook,
Maps 3.4-3.7Heysen Trail Sheet Map 2B -2C.
Mewett Road Old Glen Road Forest/public road/ Conservation Park Southern Guidebook,
Maps 3.8-4.1Heysen Trail Sheet Map 2C-2D.
Brownies Road Albert Glatz Road Forest/ Kaiserstuhl Conservation Park/ public road Southern Guidebook,
Maps 4.2-4.5Heysen Trail Sheet Map 2D.
Mount Remarkable National Park
(southern bdry)
Yellow Cutting Road National Park/Forest Northern Guidebook,
Maps 2.5-2.8Heysen Trail Sheet Map 5B – 6A.
Mount Brown Conservation Park (southern bdry) Pichi Richi Conservation Park/
vacant land
Northern Guidebook,
Maps 3.7-3.9Heysen Trail Sheet Map 6C – 6D.
Wilpena Pound
(Bridle Gap)
Aroona Flinders Ranges National Park Northern Guidebook,
Maps 5.7-6.6Heysen Trail Sheet Map 8B – 8D.

Clarification of the above information and maps showing smaller open sections can be found at Atlas of South Australia (activate the land use and Heysen Trail layers).

Map Showing Relevant Fire Ban Disctricts

Flinders Fire Ban District Mid North Fire Ban District Mt Lofty Ranges Fire Ban District Adelaide Metropolitan Fire Ban District

Map of the Heysen Trail showing Fire Ban Districts

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The Interactive Map has a layer showing the Fire Ban Districts, if more accurate information is required of the district boundaries.

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