Mapsheet 5A: Bundaleer Reservoir

Mapsheet 5A: Bundaleer Reservoir, August 2023, updated February 2024

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A new reroute has been established near the Bundaleer Reservoir. The reroute crosses into SA Water land on the southern side of the channel opposite the crossing of the Spalding-Gulnare Rd where the Heysen Trail follows the channel from Spalding.

Walking from south to north, the re-route proceeds directly across the Gulnare-Spalding Rd from the channel (Grid Ref 716 938) and crosses a stile next to the SA Water entrance gate. The trail follows a track for 100 m to a ford then directly up the hill to a stile that crosses into SA Water land.

Once in the SA Water land the trail crosses to the Ring Rd around the reservoir and follows this road across the dam wall and around to the Reservoir Car Park/Toilet at the North-Western corner of the reservoir (Grid Ref 710 958).

The trail leaves the car park on the western side and after 50 m crosses a stile into private property, (the trail follows the northern channel but NOT in the fenced off channel land). The trail then follows the fence within the private property until it reaches the Aquaduct where it crosses a stile and meets up with the existing trail (at Grid Ref 706 969) and follows the existing trail north.

New End to End walk start point. The Reservoir car park is now the end point for End to End Walk 33 and the start point for Walk 34. The E2E point has been moved from the Chlorinator, as the trail no longer passes that feature.

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