Section 17: Mt Crawford to Pewsey Vale

Initially climbing over Mount Crawford the trail follows forest edges and roadsides, then make its way up and over the pretty Wirra Wirra Peaks, before descending to creek lines again. Walkers follow roads and road reserves through open big gum grazing land.

Walkers take note of a number of reroutes in this section in the vicinity of Mt Crawford, the former Freemans Hut and Tower Hill:

Mapsheet 2D: Re-Route returning the trail to Tower Hill, avoid closed Freemans Hut, and Re-Route near Mt Crawford Summit


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Mapsheet 2D, Tower Hill to Tanunda

Southern Guidebook, chapter 4 map 1.
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Location of Mt Crawford
129 582
(312900 6158200 zone 54)
Latitude: -34.70101666666 (34° 42' 3.66")
Longitude: 138.96646666666 (138° 57' 59.28")
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Location of Pewsey Vale
163 672
(316300 6167200 zone 54)
Latitude: -34.6206380028 (34° 37' 14.2968")
Longitude: 138.994 (138° 59' 38.4")
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