End-to-End 3: – The final stile conquered

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Congratulations to the 54 End-to-End 3 hikers who completed the Heysen Trail at the northern trailhead at Parachilna on Saturday. By far a record number of finishers on the one day! Celebrations followed and, after a hurried change into “formal attire”, continued at a presentation dinner at the Rawnsley Park Woolshed Restaurant.

For six seasons we travelled with a lovely group of Friends, who became even closer as we neared the final stile. Much mixing between the walking groups, together with the beautiful scenery (so lovely and green, with splashes of yellow flowers, after a couple of good seasons) made this such a special week.

Thank you to all the walkers, and leaders, especially Simon, Julian and Arrienne – plus the laconic Gavin, so loved by his Roses group.

We started as a group of unknowns and reached the end with firm friends with a special Heysen connection. May we see you all on the Trail, and on other treks.

PS Our bus drivers Gavin and Bill made the logistics so smooth and easy. They are such good company. We thank them for the safe transport up, around, and back again.