The Friends End-to-End group 4 complete the Heysen Trail

End-to-End 4 - final day

On Saturday 16th August the Friends End-to-End group 4 completed the Heysen Trail. Congratulations to the 38 walkers who completed the 1,200km Trail on that day. Five walkers had walked each of the 61 End-to-End 4 walking days over 6 walk seasons, a real commitment and achievement. They are Pam O’Donnell, Gary Dawes, David Weinel, Giles Walkley and David Sando.

David and Michael Weinel may be the first father and son to walk the length of the Heysen trail together?

Dean Mortimer completed the Trail for the second time, and Kevin Liddiard completed the Trail for the third time.

Heavy rain on the Thursday night and Friday prevented our bus from travelling off the bitumen. We are thankful to the 4×4 vehicles which enabled us to ferry the walkers over very slippery roads on Friday and Saturday. Surprisingly, on the Trail, the walkers had little need for raincoats. Celebrations were held at the Northern Trailhead and at the celebratory dinner on Saturday night.