Grampians 2010

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Anzac Weekend saw the Friends at the Grampians once again. Lead by Simon and Arrienne two full walking days and three boisterous nights were "suffered" in the Baptist Camp at Halls Gap. Simon lead one walk for the hardy, summitting Boronia Peak on Saturday, with Arrienne leading the not so hardy on an epic walk around the Wonderland. Why the Wonderland, well it’s a wonder we let Alice loose with a map.

Sunday saw the even hardier tackle a through walk across the Mitchell Plateau, from Mt William to Jimmy Creek. A cold start lead to a wonderful sunny day, albeit cold winds, with great views from the plateau.

Arrienne and Peter lead the left-overs with some doing a shorter walk leading to Greek cooking lessons back at camp, with Arrienne. The others undertaking a seven hour "stroll" with Peter.

Typical of Simon the nights entertainment were Zorba the Greek dancing leasons and suitably, on Anzac Day, how to rip off your friends with a game of two-up (Simon’s Rules)

Monday departure lead to Arapiles for a short walk to the top, then home.
Well done the organisers.

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