New forum feature: Upload single photos

Click on image to view larger image
A new feature has been added to the forums. You can now upload a single photo to a post. This service is provided by a third party, but this third party does not have access to any personal data.

You can use the feature by selecting the "Add image to post" link appearing immediately below the area you enter your post text in. Photos can be up to 4MB, as a smaller image will be displayed with the post forum, and users can click on the photo to view a larger version (with advertising). The feature adds the necessary code to display the image (only the line of code will appear in the area you type in, but once submitted your photo will appear to yourself and other users viewing the post).

Please note: You can’t add a whole series of photos, aka an online photo album of your day’s walk, although this may be a future possibility. This feature is for uploading single photos.

Example only of how code will appear in your post (when you are typing it) when using the photo uploader feature (you can ignore how this code works, the feature ads the code automatically):