Telowie Gorge Conservation Park and the Napperby Block of Mount Remarkable National Park

PARK CLOSURE – Telowie Gorge Conservation Park and Napperby Block

(Mount Remarkable National Park)

across the Gulf

Telowie Gorge Conservation Park and Napperby Block (Mount Remarkable National Park) will be closed from 6am Saturday, 24 November 2018 until 11.30pm Friday, 30 November 2018.

The Park closure is for the purpose of undertaking a pest control program.

As the fire danger season has  commenced, walkers should be aware that most sections of the Heysen Trail are already closed. However, as this section of the Trail passes through a National Park and a Conservation Park, walkers would normally still have access unless a total fire ban has been announced for the day.

Therefore walkers intending to use these Parks in the near future need to be aware of this closure.

For more information about the control program or park closure, please contact the Natural Resources Centre Northern and Yorke on (08) 8841 3400.