Major Re-Route of Heysen Trail around Bangor Bushfire

Bangor bushfire damage at Wirrabara nurseryA major re-route of the Heysen Trail is in place around Wirrabara Forest, the site of the January/February 2014 Bangor Bushfire.

The temporary 44km re-route replaces a 41km section of the Heysen Trail and affects the Northern Guidebook from Map 2.3 through to Map 2.8.

The re-route trail is marked, and takes the trail along roads through Laura. The re-route continues along the shared-use railtrail, and along backroads to rejoin the original trail alignment south of Murraytown.

Wirrabara Forest remains closed indefinitely to the public due to the risk of falling trees and to allow salvage harvest operations. Forest access is limited.

Beetaloo Tank Camp Site is still accessible. It has suffered some damage but is functional.



The Heysen Trail through Bundaleer Forest remains closed following the January 2013 Bundaleer Bushfire. A marked temporary re-route is in place.