1. Re-route of the Heysen Trail affecting Map 1.1, May 2011

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The trail has been re-routed through the town of Spalding, leaving the trail at the channel between Railway Dam Road and Borve Hill Road, and rejoining the original trail alignment near Freshwater Creek Weir. Due to SA Water OHS demands there is a minor alteration around Freshwater Creek Weir – the trail no longer passes over the weir wall. The channel has recently been reinstated after many years out of service.

4. Re-route of the Heysen Trail affecting Map 1.2, October 2012

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A new camp site has been constructed beside Bundaleer Creek. We anticipate water will be available for the 2013 hiking season.

The camp site features a shelter with water tank and bench, and a square bench/table.

This campsite is midway between the town of Spalding and the Curnows Hut & Campsite – 18.8km from Spalding and 13.5km from Curnows Hut.

More info in the accommodation forum at http://www.heysentrail.asn.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=698&accom_id=698&name=Bundaleer%20Tank%20Campsite

5. Re-route of the Heysen Trail affecting Map 2.6, July 2012

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Following the bushfire in Wirrabara Forest in early May, the following info is an update on the Heysen Trail conditions through the area.

1) The main north-south Heysen Trail along the ridge and the Go-Cart Track is open.

2) The spur trail, along the Apricot Track, is temporarily closed due to fire damage. This spur track heads east down from the main Trail on the ridge. The trail is extensively damaged and will be re-marked by ARPA. Forestry SA will conduct a logging operation to remove burnt pine trees.

3) The spur trail beyond the Old Nursery to Ippinitchie Campground is no longer marked. The Old Nursery is now the trailhead for this spur. Both the YHA and Ippinitchie Campground facilities can be used by hikers, but are no longer on the marked Heysen Trail.

6. Re-route of the Heysen Trail affecting Maps 2.6 and 2.5, May 2010

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The Trail now follows a newly marked route just east of the TV Tower Track and parallel to it for about 1.5km. It then briefly joins the TV Track before following the Go-Cart Track to Frypan Hill where it rejoins the previous Trail. The previous parts of the Trail leading to Wirrabara Forest and campground are now controlled by Forestry SA, who have closed the track down from The Bluff, but the Apricot Track remains open.