Walking with Children Policy

The Friends of the Heysen Trail supports broad involvement in our walking program and offers various levels of walks to assist people to engage in walks with nature:

  • TrailStarter grade walks 3-4 hours for those wishing to build skills and strength;
  • Trailwalker grade walks 5-7 hours over more varied terrain for those seeking challenges; and
  • End-to-End programs taking up to 6 years to cover the 1200km Heysen Trail.

The Friends of the Heysen Trail recognises that some members may wish to be accompanied by their children on suitable walks. The Friends takes its responsibility for the safety of the group, walk leaders and family with children seriously and has had regard to the relevant legislation and guidelines related to Working with Children.

Consequently, the Friends sets out the following guide to clarify how the organisation will help ensure we meet those commitments.

  1. Members who are parents/guardians wishing to register to participate in walks with family members who are under 18 years should include the names and ages of children in a family membership of the Friends.
  2. Members who wish to register a child under 18 years must accompany that child on the specified walk or activity. There must be one parent/guardian for each child registered.
  3. A Walk Leader may consult with a member about a child registration to clarify whether any particular walk is suitable for child/ren subject to age/experience/length of walk/terrain or other relevant considerations. Specifically, End to End and Trailwalker style walks are day-long and challenging so not generally suited to children under 12 years.
  4. A Walk Leader may suggest alternative arrangements or decline a registration if the walk leader assesses that there is a safety risk.
  5. Anyone under 18 years registering for a walk must be accompanied by a parent/guardian who is a member of the Friends.

Policy Guideline adopted by FoHT Council 15 May 2019