FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I participate in a walk?

You must register to participate in a walk. You can register online via the Walk Programme calendar, you will be advised by email of the meeting place and time.

Alternatively, you may phone the Friends of the Heysen Trail office to register over the phone.

Do I have to be member to participate in a walk?

Yes. You can join on our Membership page. When join you can also purchase a Golden Boots pass (see below).

When can I register for a walk?

We ask you to register for an event no earlier than 30 days prior to the event. This allows the Walk Leader and office to finalise the meeting location of the walk event.

We ask you, if possible, to register for a weekend event by the Wednesday prior, especially if it is a large walking group, and no later than 2pm on the Friday prior. This allows the Walk Leader sufficient time to make necessary arrangements with authorities and bus transportation if required.

How much does a walk cost?

There are several options for walk payments:

    • Casual, pay AUD $12.00 per walk, (under 18s AUD $5.00 per walk)

  • Golden Boots, unlimited walks for 12 months after purchase, AUD $80.00

If a bus has been hired, each walker will need to pay the bus fee in addition to their walk payment. Generally, only larger walk groups hire a bus, such as the End-to-End walks.

Summer Twilight Walks cost AUD $5 per walk.

Can my children join me on a walk?

The Friends of the Heysen Trail recognises that some members may wish to be accompanied by their children on suitable walks. View our Walking with Children policy and commitments.

What about petrol money?

We encourage people to car pool. Although the driver cannot charge the passengers they carry, we encourage passengers to contribute towards the cost of driving, relative to the distance travelled and the number of people carried.

Are walks ever cancelled?

For Trail Rambler, Trail Starter and Trail Walker walk grade events, walks are cancelled if the temperature forecast is over 32C. For simplicity, this can be determined the night prior to the walk on the 7pm ABC evening news weather forecast, based upon the Bureau of Meteorology’s routine 4pm forecast. Even if the forecast is later revised, the walk remains cancelled. In such a case walk fees will be refunded.

For Summer Twilight Walks, End-to-End and Extended Trip walk grade events there is no Hot Weather Policy.

If a Total Fire Ban is declared by the CFS in the Fire Ban District where the walk event is being held, the walk event will be cancelled. In such a case walk fees will be refunded, however charges associated with bus transfers, accommodation and meals cannot be refunded.

In the event of Severe Weather Warning: be aware that walks are automatically cancelled when the forecast weather for the day of the walk is for severe storms with dangerous winds as per the 7pm ABC News on the day prior to the walk. Refer to abc.net.au/news/weather or bom.gov.au/sa.

Refer to our Refund & Cancellation Policy for full details.

How do I cancel after I have registered?

If unforeseen circumstances arise and you are no longer able to participate in the walk, please notify the office as soon as possible, and at the latest by 2.00pm on the Friday before the walk.

Alternatively you can withdraw your registration for the walk by logging into your account on our website. Navigate to the Manage Walk Registrations page. Find your walk and then click on View walk page. In the Cancel Registration section, tick the checkbox for the walker(s) withdrawing from the walk and then confirm the cancellation by clicking the Cancel selected registrations button.

Can I get a refund for walks?

Refer to our Refund & Cancellation Policy for details.