Heysen Trail Distances

Table of distances between Heysen Trail locations such as huts, campsites and towns.

This feature and its underlying data is under development and as such should be considered a BETA version – it should be read in conjunction with the official Heysen Trail Mapsheets.

View notes at the bottom of the page about how these distances are calculated.

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Trail Distances, South to North

Mapsheet 1
Cape Jervis to Kuitpo Forest
FromToMore InfoFrom/toSegmentFrom Start of Mapsheet 1AFrom Cape Jervis Trailhead
Cape Jervis TrailheadCobbler Hill Camp SiteCape Jervis Trailhead
to Cobbler Hill Camp Site
13.91 km13.91 km13.91 km
Cobbler Hill Camp SiteWuldi Krikin Ngawanthi / Eagle Waterhole ‘walk-in’ siteCobbler Hill Camp Site
to Wuldi Krikin Ngawanthi / Eagle Waterhole ‘walk-in’ site
2.16 km16.06 km16.06 km
Wuldi Krikin Ngawanthi / Eagle Waterhole ‘walk-in’ siteTrig CampgroundWuldi Krikin Ngawanthi / Eagle Waterhole ‘walk-in’ site
to Trig Campground
5.02 km21.05 km21.05 km
Trig CampgroundTapanappa Camp SiteTrig Campground
to Tapanappa Camp Site
6.97 km28.01 km28.01 km
Tapanappa Camp SiteYapari Ngawanthi / Cliffs ‘walk-in’ siteTapanappa Camp Site
to Yapari Ngawanthi / Cliffs ‘walk-in’ site
0.01 km28.01 km28.01 km
Yapari Ngawanthi / Cliffs ‘walk-in’ siteKurri Ngawanthi / Creek ‘walk in’ siteYapari Ngawanthi / Cliffs ‘walk-in’ site
to Kurri Ngawanthi / Creek ‘walk in’ site
17.07 km45.07 km45.07 km
Kurri Ngawanthi / Creek ‘walk in’ siteWaitpinga camp siteKurri Ngawanthi / Creek ‘walk in’ site
to Waitpinga camp site
11.72 km56.79 km56.79 km
Waitpinga camp siteNatunyuru Ngawanthi / Sand Dunes ‘walk-in’ camp siteWaitpinga camp site
to Natunyuru Ngawanthi / Sand Dunes ‘walk-in’ camp site
0.95 km57.74 km57.74 km
Natunyuru Ngawanthi / Sand Dunes ‘walk-in’ camp siteNewland Hill ‘bench’Natunyuru Ngawanthi / Sand Dunes ‘walk-in’ camp site
to Newland Hill ‘bench’
14.33 km72.06 km72.06 km
Newland Hill ‘bench’Robinson Hill ‘walk-in’ siteNewland Hill ‘bench’
to Robinson Hill ‘walk-in’ site
12.30 km84.36 km84.36 km
Robinson Hill ‘walk-in’ siteInman Valley town campsiteRobinson Hill ‘walk-in’ site
to Inman Valley town campsite
5.26 km89.61 km89.61 km
Inman Valley town campsiteHeysen’s Rest Bed & BreakfastInman Valley town campsite
to Heysen’s Rest Bed & Breakfast
13.17 km102.75 km102.75 km
Heysen’s Rest Bed & BreakfastMt Cone Tank (Water Location Only)Heysen’s Rest Bed & Breakfast
to Mt Cone Tank (Water Location Only)
16.84 km119.59 km119.59 km
Mt Cone Tank (Water Location Only)Mt Compass (2 km off the main trail)Mt Cone Tank (Water Location Only)
to Mt Compass (2 km off the main trail)
8.34 km127.90 km127.90 km
Mapsheet 2
Kuitpo Office to Tanunda
FromToMore InfoFrom/toSegmentFrom Start of Mapsheet 2AFrom Cape Jervis Trailhead
Mt Compass (2 km off the main trail)Chookarloo CampsiteMt Compass (2 km off the main trail)
to Chookarloo Campsite
29.67 km0.00 km157.56 km
Chookarloo CampsiteRocky Creek Hut & ‘Walk in’ site (0.51 km off the main trail)Chookarloo Campsite
to Rocky Creek Hut & ‘Walk in’ site (0.51 km off the main trail)
14.82 km14.82 km172.39 km
Rocky Creek Hut & ‘Walk in’ site (0.51 km off the main trail)BridgewaterRocky Creek Hut & ‘Walk in’ site (0.51 km off the main trail)
to Bridgewater
22.75 km37.57 km195.13 km
BridgewaterWoodhouse Activity CentreBridgewater
to Woodhouse Activity Centre
4.10 km41.66 km199.22 km
Woodhouse Activity CentreMt Lofty (0.45 km off the main trail)Woodhouse Activity Centre
to Mt Lofty (0.45 km off the main trail)
6.89 km48.47 km206.03 km
Mt Lofty (0.45 km off the main trail)Norton SummitMt Lofty (0.45 km off the main trail)
to Norton Summit
14.24 km62.61 km220.18 km
Norton SummitCudlee Creek North ‘walk-in’ site (Grandpa’s)Norton Summit
to Cudlee Creek North ‘walk-in’ site (Grandpa’s)
26.29 km88.84 km246.41 km
Cudlee Creek North ‘walk-in’ site (Grandpa’s)Scotts ShelterCudlee Creek North ‘walk-in’ site (Grandpa’s)
to Scotts Shelter
21.90 km110.71 km268.27 km
Scotts ShelterChalksScotts Shelter
to Chalks
14.20 km124.87 km282.43 km
ChalksCentennial DriveChalks
to Centennial Drive
8.18 km133.03 km290.60 km
Centennial DriveRossiters Hut (1.1 km off the main trail)Centennial Drive
to Rossiters Hut (1.1 km off the main trail)
22.47 km155.47 km313.03 km
Mapsheet 3
Tanunda to Burra
FromToMore InfoFrom/toSegmentFrom Start of Mapsheet 3AFrom Cape Jervis Trailhead
Rossiters Hut (1.1 km off the main trail)TanundaRossiters Hut (1.1 km off the main trail)
to Tanunda
10.66 km0.01 km323.66 km
TanundaCamping at Greenock Oval (0.5 km off the main trail)Tanunda
to Camping at Greenock Oval (0.5 km off the main trail)
12.35 km12.35 km335.99 km
Camping at Greenock Oval (0.5 km off the main trail)KapundaCamping at Greenock Oval (0.5 km off the main trail)
to Kapunda
17.80 km30.13 km353.77 km
KapundaLights Hummocks ReserveKapunda
to Lights Hummocks Reserve
12.17 km42.28 km365.93 km
Lights Hummocks ReserveMarschalls HutLights Hummocks Reserve
to Marschalls Hut
23.38 km65.62 km389.26 km
Marschalls HutMarrabel ‘Walk-in’ siteMarschalls Hut
to Marrabel ‘Walk-in’ site
8.47 km74.05 km397.70 km
Marrabel ‘Walk-in’ siteSmith HillMarrabel ‘Walk-in’ site
to Smith Hill
18.33 km91.32 km414.97 km
Smith HillWebb GapSmith Hill
to Webb Gap
13.35 km104.65 km428.30 km
Webb GapHuppatz HutWebb Gap
to Huppatz Hut
16.17 km120.79 km444.43 km
Huppatz HutBurra Creek Gorge Reserve (Worlds End)Huppatz Hut
to Burra Creek Gorge Reserve (Worlds End)
19.37 km140.13 km463.78 km
Burra Creek Gorge Reserve (Worlds End)Worlds End ‘walk-in’ siteBurra Creek Gorge Reserve (Worlds End)
to Worlds End ‘walk-in’ site
1.30 km141.40 km465.04 km
Worlds End ‘walk-in’ siteBurraWorlds End ‘walk-in’ site
to Burra
23.13 km164.46 km488.11 km
Mapsheet 4
Burra to Spalding
FromToMore InfoFrom/toSegmentFrom Start of Mapsheet 4AFrom Cape Jervis Trailhead
BurraWandallah Creek ‘Walk in’ ShelterBurra
to Wandallah Creek ‘Walk in’ Shelter
14.85 km0.05 km502.90 km
Wandallah Creek ‘Walk in’ ShelterBlack Jack HutWandallah Creek ‘Walk in’ Shelter
to Black Jack Hut
16.53 km16.53 km519.38 km
Black Jack HutCaroona Creek ‘walk-in’ siteBlack Jack Hut
to Caroona Creek ‘walk-in’ site
14.18 km30.66 km533.50 km
Caroona Creek ‘walk-in’ siteOld Mt Bryan East SchoolCaroona Creek ‘walk-in’ site
to Old Mt Bryan East School
16.45 km47.09 km549.93 km
Old Mt Bryan East SchoolHallett Railway StationOld Mt Bryan East School
to Hallett Railway Station
15.65 km62.73 km565.58 km
Hallett Railway StationWhistling Trig TankHallett Railway Station
to Whistling Trig Tank
22.92 km85.62 km588.47 km
Whistling Trig TankSpaldingWhistling Trig Tank
to Spalding
26.24 km111.85 km614.70 km
Mapsheet 5
Spalding to Wirrabara Forest
FromToMore InfoFrom/toSegmentFrom Start of Mapsheet 5AFrom Cape Jervis Trailhead
SpaldingBundaleer Weir ‘walk-in’ siteSpalding
to Bundaleer Weir ‘walk-in’ site
18.93 km0.19 km633.60 km
Bundaleer Weir ‘walk-in’ siteCurnows HutBundaleer Weir ‘walk-in’ site
to Curnows Hut
13.43 km13.43 km646.85 km
Curnows HutGeorgetownCurnows Hut
to Georgetown
25.63 km39.02 km672.44 km
GeorgetownHiskeys HutGeorgetown
to Hiskeys Hut
2.58 km41.34 km674.76 km
Hiskeys HutCrystal BrookHiskeys Hut
to Crystal Brook
19.87 km61.12 km694.53 km
Crystal BrookBowman Hut & ‘walk-in’ siteCrystal Brook
to Bowman Hut & ‘walk-in’ site
5.21 km66.19 km699.61 km
Bowman Hut & ‘walk-in’ siteBeetaloo ‘walk-in’ site (Southern Boundary Track)Bowman Hut & ‘walk-in’ site
to Beetaloo ‘walk-in’ site (Southern Boundary Track)
25.31 km91.43 km724.85 km
Mapsheet 6
Wirrabara Forest to Dutchmans Stern Conservation Park
FromToMore InfoFrom/toSegmentFrom Start of Mapsheet 6AFrom Cape Jervis Trailhead
Beetaloo ‘walk-in’ site (Southern Boundary Track)Go-Cart Track ShelterBeetaloo ‘walk-in’ site (Southern Boundary Track)
to Go-Cart Track Shelter
19.23 km0.09 km744.02 km
Go-Cart Track ShelterWhite Park TankGo-Cart Track Shelter
to White Park Tank
10.53 km10.53 km754.46 km
White Park TankMurray Town (2 km off the main trail)White Park Tank
to Murray Town (2 km off the main trail)
14.95 km25.48 km769.41 km
Murray Town (2 km off the main trail)MelroseMurray Town (2 km off the main trail)
to Melrose
18.06 km43.07 km787.00 km
MelroseGrays HutMelrose
to Grays Hut
11.47 km54.47 km798.40 km
Grays HutStony Creek ‘walk-in’ siteGrays Hut
to Stony Creek ‘walk-in’ site
14.08 km68.44 km812.37 km
Stony Creek ‘walk-in’ siteWilmington (4 km off the main trail)Stony Creek ‘walk-in’ site
to Wilmington (4 km off the main trail)
3.67 km72.03 km815.96 km
Wilmington (4 km off the main trail)Hawks NestWilmington (4 km off the main trail)
to Hawks Nest
14.25 km86.21 km830.15 km
Hawks NestCatninga ShedHawks Nest
to Catninga Shed
15.53 km101.43 km845.36 km
Catninga ShedWaukarie Creek/Mt Brown North ‘walk-in’ siteCatninga Shed
to Waukarie Creek/Mt Brown North ‘walk-in’ site
7.56 km108.95 km852.88 km
Waukarie Creek/Mt Brown North ‘walk-in’ siteQuorn (2 km off the main trail)Waukarie Creek/Mt Brown North ‘walk-in’ site
to Quorn (2 km off the main trail)
19.17 km128.06 km871.99 km
Quorn (2 km off the main trail)The Dutchman HutQuorn (2 km off the main trail)
to The Dutchman Hut
9.93 km137.94 km881.87 km
Mapsheet 7
Dutchmans Stern Conservation Park to Mernmerna Creek
FromToMore InfoFrom/toSegmentFrom Start of Mapsheet 7AFrom Cape Jervis Trailhead
The Dutchman HutEyre DepotThe Dutchman Hut
to Eyre Depot
16.18 km0.10 km898.02 km
Eyre DepotMt Arden South ‘walk-in’ siteEyre Depot
to Mt Arden South ‘walk-in’ site
12.04 km12.04 km909.95 km
Mt Arden South ‘walk-in’ siteBuckaringa North ‘walk-in’ siteMt Arden South ‘walk-in’ site
to Buckaringa North ‘walk-in’ site
22.13 km34.10 km932.02 km
Buckaringa North ‘walk-in’ siteCalabrinda Creek ‘walk-in’ siteBuckaringa North ‘walk-in’ site
to Calabrinda Creek ‘walk-in’ site
18.97 km53.00 km950.91 km
Calabrinda Creek ‘walk-in’ siteMt Elm ‘walk-in’ siteCalabrinda Creek ‘walk-in’ site
to Mt Elm ‘walk-in’ site
16.12 km69.05 km966.97 km
Mt Elm ‘walk-in’ siteHawker (6.6 km off the main trail)Mt Elm ‘walk-in’ site
to Hawker (6.6 km off the main trail)
11.24 km80.27 km978.19 km
Hawker (6.6 km off the main trail)Mayo HutHawker (6.6 km off the main trail)
to Mayo Hut
14.56 km94.23 km992.15 km
Mapsheet 8
Mernmerna Creek to Parachilna Gorge
FromToMore InfoFrom/toSegmentFrom Start of Mapsheet 8AFrom Cape Jervis Trailhead
Mayo HutRed Range ‘walk-in’ siteMayo Hut
to Red Range ‘walk-in’ site
17.22 km0.03 km1,009.28 km
Red Range ‘walk-in’ siteWilpena Caravan ParkRed Range ‘walk-in’ site
to Wilpena Caravan Park
27.86 km27.86 km1,037.10 km
Wilpena Caravan ParkWilcolo campgroundWilpena Caravan Park
to Wilcolo campground
6.98 km34.74 km1,043.98 km
Wilcolo campgroundYanyanna HutWilcolo campground
to Yanyanna Hut
15.38 km50.09 km1,059.34 km
Yanyanna HutMiddlesight Water HutYanyanna Hut
to Middlesight Water Hut
8.57 km58.59 km1,067.84 km
Middlesight Water HutTrezona CampsiteMiddlesight Water Hut
to Trezona Campsite
2.36 km60.94 km1,070.19 km
Trezona CampsiteAroona Ruins ‘walk-in’ siteTrezona Campsite
to Aroona Ruins ‘walk-in’ site
13.92 km74.84 km1,084.08 km
Aroona Ruins ‘walk-in’ sitePigeon BoreAroona Ruins ‘walk-in’ site
to Pigeon Bore
4.88 km79.66 km1,088.90 km
Pigeon BoreParachilna Gorge ‘walk-in’ sitePigeon Bore
to Parachilna Gorge ‘walk-in’ site
12.83 km92.41 km1,101.66 km
Parachilna Gorge ‘walk-in’ siteParachilna Gorge TrailheadParachilna Gorge ‘walk-in’ site
to Parachilna Gorge Trailhead
0.53 km92.92 km1,102.16 km

Notes About this Distance Data

1. BETA Version

This feature and its underlying data is under development. As such it should be read in conjunction with the official Heysen Trail Sheet Maps.

2. Origin of Data

This data originates from our GPS data of the Heysen Trail, version 9/5/2022 v4.2.

This data is redacted from an official survey undertaken in 2000. It has been maintained and updated to include all current re-routes. It does not account for temporary re-routes.

The original data file contained over 247,000 latitude and longitude points. This has been redacted to show only every tenth latitude and longitude point – this was required to allow for the file to manageable for web display, and for display and processing on a handheld GPS units. Many units would be detrimentally affected by processing and displaying such a large GPX file. Many units, especially older units, are unable to display more than 10,000 points per track. Due to the detail of the original survey this redaction has minimal impact on the display of distances, both on-screen and in the field.

Due to the technology at the time the survey was undertaken this data did not include elevation data. Re-routes often include elevation data.

3. Trail Distances

Distances from the start or end of chapter or trailhead are measured on the main trail, and do not include alternate routes or spur trails. Spur trails add an additional 17.5km (one-way) to the overall trail length, and alternate routes add an additional 42km to the overall trail length.

Temporary re-routes are not factored in. Trail distances remain along the original permanent route. If a temporary re-route eventually becomes permanent the distances will be adjusted.

Errors do not accumulate, by which we mean that if a campsite is misplaced on the trail it does not impact on the the stated overall chapter trail length or the stated overall length of the Heysen Trail.

Displayed distances are rounded to two decimal places. On the webpage table above, rounding omissions do not accumulate. In the CSV file rounding in the segment field accumulates to an error factor of about 7km over the 1,100km+ trail.

4. Distances in the Field

When hiking in the field actual trail distances measured on a handheld GPS unit are very unlikely to exactly match the figures in the above table.

A number of factors determine the accuracy of a handheld GPS unit, including but not limited to:

  • accuracy of the unit
  • satellite coverage on the day
  • interference by trees, gorges and buildings
  • battery charge
  • optimal placement on a pack or body
  • settings affecting the frequency of data being saved

Walkers rarely remain true and straight on the trail at all times. Resting for breaks, entering buildings and making short trips off the trail will increase the reported distance travelled. If a device’s coverage reduces during a break or entering a building accurate coverage may reduce and the unit may mis-report data recorded during this time, possibly adding a several hundred metres to the reported distance.

In most cases a handheld GPS unit will report a slightly higher figure – a figure of +- 500m in every 10km would be reasonable.

5. Locations Off the Main Trail

When a location is off of the main trail (it may be on a spur or alternative route part of the trail), the off-trail section is not included in the trail distances.

For instance, Hawker is 6.6km off the mail trail on an alternative route. Walking from Mt Elm Camp Site to Hawker is the segment of 3.24km (to the point where you leave the main trail for Hawker) + 6.6km = 9.84km.