End-to-End 4 – first day Sunday 26th April

A successful start to the End to End Four walks. 145 walkers safely hiked the 15km wet and slippery trail, and finished to a Haighâs chocolate frog treat – from our lovely lady assistants. The day was blowy, sunny with just a few isolated rain squalls to keep us cool. With dolphins, rainbows, a spaceship, wonderful cloud formations, plus a rugged coast, rolling hills, kangaroos aplenty and coastal scrub â such a variety of experiences we were treated to. Many thanks to all the volunteers for all the organising, and to the walkers who came to enjoy.
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New Watertank at Eyre Depot

A shelter to capture rainwater has been constructed at Eyre Depot, north of Port Augusta. Some of the funds were raised by the End-to-End 2 walking group who completed the Heysen Trail last year.

Photo caption: Bob Gentle, John Potter and Dave Curtis beside the new tank