Win for Walkers – article from the Victor Harbor Times

Republished from the Victor Harbor Times

31 October 2007 – 8:29AM

Win for walkers

INMAN VALLEY – A protest by walkers has persuaded the District Council of Yankalilla not to privatise a public road at Inman Valley.

Although few walkers currently use the road, it will remain open because of its value as a potential future access point to popular walking areas such as the Heysen Trail and Myponga Conservation Park.

The road runs through RP and PM Lander’s property at Inman Valley.

At its latest meeting, council considered transferring the road to the Landers, so their land could be made into one allotment, rather than two sections split by the road.

The Landers had agreed to pay the council $12,430 for the land transfer, and have also had to cover costs for preparing a preliminary plan and schedule, advertising, survey, plan preparation, conveyancing, lodgement and transfer fees, and other charges in regard to the road.

Council commenced negotiations and legal work for the road’s closure following a decision made back in December last year.

In March, public submissions were called for regarding the closure, and two objections were received, from the Walking Federation of South Australia, and the Office for Recreation and Sport respectively.

Thelma Anderson from the Walking Federation’s Walking Access Committee spoke against the closure at the meeting, explaining the "virtues of walking" to the council, and urging council to consider the future recreational value of the road.

She encouraged the council to go what she said was the local government trend of privatising unmade public roads.

Cr John Hughes agreed, saying "it is important to keep these roads in public community ownership".

A division was called following a vote, with Crs John Hughes, John Sanderson, Mandy Aistrope and Janet Jones voting to leave the road open, while Crs Allan Barnes, Bruce Spilsbury and Andrew Gebhardt wanted to close and transfer it.

Chief executive Roger Sweetman said council has many hundreds of unmade roads, and suggested that information about which ones are of value would aid in future decision making.

New Website Feature – Accommodation Forum

A new website feature has been released today – a forum dedicated to accommodation options along the Heysen Trail. Although primarily focused on campsites, huts and shelters along the Trail, you can also view and comment on other facilities near the trail (like caravan parks, motels, B&B’s etc in nearby towns).

So if you’ve used or seen some of these facilities along the trail, please use the forum to view and leave a comment. It would be good to hear about your experiences using these facilities, we’re also keen for people to include photos of the facilities (especially those currently without a photo).

View Accommodation Forum.

New forum feature: Upload single photos

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A new feature has been added to the forums. You can now upload a single photo to a post. This service is provided by a third party, but this third party does not have access to any personal data.

You can use the feature by selecting the "Add image to post" link appearing immediately below the area you enter your post text in. Photos can be up to 4MB, as a smaller image will be displayed with the post forum, and users can click on the photo to view a larger version (with advertising). The feature adds the necessary code to display the image (only the line of code will appear in the area you type in, but once submitted your photo will appear to yourself and other users viewing the post).

Please note: You can’t add a whole series of photos, aka an online photo album of your day’s walk, although this may be a future possibility. This feature is for uploading single photos.

Example only of how code will appear in your post (when you are typing it) when using the photo uploader feature (you can ignore how this code works, the feature ads the code automatically):


Newspaper article

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The following article concerning the new Gray’s Hut appeared in the regional newspaper the Port Pirie Flinders News.

View full article —

The Port Pirie Flinders News (ciculation of 15,000) is distributed to the following areas: Flinders Ranges (Hawker, Quorn), Port Augusta, Clare & Gilbert Valleys, Burra, Peterborough, Port Broughton and the Copper Coast.

New forum feature: Avatars – Personal Images

You can now upload what is called an Avatar – a personalised image that appears beneath your username on all your posts in these forums. Do so by editing your profile, the Avatar section is at the bottom of the profile page. Please note restrictions apply to the maximum size of the image (max width and height 80 pixels, max file size of 100KB). Choose a favourite image, photo, icon etc to create your image, and resize it (you can resize an image by using a photo editing program or a free online service such as Create Avatar).

How do I show an image below my username?
There may be two images below a username when viewing posts. The first is an image associated with your rank; generally these take the form of stars or blocks indicating how many posts you have made or your status on the forums. Below this may be a larger image known as an avatar; this is generally unique or personal to each user.