Prescribed burn in Kyeema Conservation Park Sept 16, 2020.

Temporary closure of the Kyeema section of the Heysen Trail.

Natural Resources SA have announced that the Heysen Trail will be affected by a planned prescribed burn tomorrow, Wednesday September 16.

The prescribed burn is planned for a section of the Kyeema Conservation Park, off Woodgate Road, Kyeema.

The Park location is shown on Heysen Trail Mapsheet 1D and Map 2.8 of the Heysen Trail Southern Guidebook.

The embedded map shows the burn area which is adjacent to the Heysen Trail.

This section of trail will be closed during the burn operation on Wednesday September 16 (11:00 am until 8:00 pm). The trail may be closed on the following days depending on potential hazards such as falling trees.

We apologise for the late notice of this trail closure, but it was due to factors beyond our control.

Parks staff will be erecting trail closed signs in the vicinity of the burn site.

If you have any questions, please contact Libby Mapletoft, Natural Resources Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges, on ph. 0427 494 518.

Temporary Road Closure of the Moralana Scenic Drive – Friday 25th September 2020.

A temporary road closure of the Moralana Scenic Drive on Friday 25th September 2020 will affect access to and along a section of the Heysen Trail in the Flinders Ranges..

The road will be closed between 9.00am and 1.00 pm to all traffic, for the purpose of filming a promotion for a car rally event next year.

During the closure vehicles will be travelling at high speed over various sections of the road. As the Heysen Trail crosses the Moralana Scenic Drive all walkers are advised to take extreme care. There will be no vehicle access along the road to drop off or pick up walkers planning to walk on that section of the trail.

The organisers have advised us that the the road will also be closed on 5-6 June 2021 – the dates on which the rally will be held.

The section of the Heysen Trail that is affected is shown on Heysen Trail Map Sheet 8A and Map 5.6 of the Heysen Trail Northern Guide.

Major update to the Heysen Trail GPS/GPX files – 14 reroutes and corrections

The GPS files of the Heysen Trail have recently been updated to include re-routes and corrections.

Walkers who have previously downloaded the GPS files for their handheld GPS units for use whilst walking the trail should download the new file.

There is now a:

  1. GPX file download (contains only the main trail, spur and alternative trails, and campsites/towns)
  2. KML file download (contains all information as presented in the Interactive Maps interface, but for download and use in the Google Earth interface)

The Interactive Maps interface and Walk Selector have also been updated.

The new files (version v3.22), released on 18th August 2020, include the following changes:

  1. Fixing an erroneous display of the trail at Deep Creek, east of Trig campsite, Mapsheet 1A Cape Jervis to Tunkalilla Beach
  2. Minor update to update Newland Head campsite location, Mapsheet 1B Tunkalilla Beach to Victor Harbor.
  3. Minor re-route of Heysen Trail in Bridgewater, along Ayr St and Beadnell Crescent, rejoining the trail at the southern edge of Bridgewater oval, Mapsheet 2A Kuitpo Office to Bridgewater Oval
  4. Minor re-route of Heysen Trail in the Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens, Mapsheet 2B, Bridgewater Oval to Stone Hut Road
  5. Minor re-route of Heysen Trail in Cleland Conservation Park north of Reynolds Drive, Mapsheet 2B Bridgewater Oval to Stone Hut Road
  6. Minor re-route to re-instate low level river crossing along Colonial Drive into Morialta Conservation Park, Mapsheet 2B Bridgewater Oval to Stone Hut Road
  7. Minor amendment to show 2017 re-route of Heysen Trail near Chain of Ponds, Mapsheet 2C Stone Hut Road to Tower Hill
  8. Re-routes and corrections of the main trail and alternate trail in Mt Crawford forest for Mapsheet 2D Tower Hill to Tanunda,
  9. New campsite created with platform and water tank installed at Lights Hummocks Reserve campsite, Mapsheet 3A Tanunda to Kapunda
  10. Addition of alternate route through the centre of Kapunda, Mapsheet 3A Tanunda to Kapunda
  11. Minor amendment to show 2013 re-route of Heysen Trail near Huppatz Hut, Mapsheet 3D Tothill Gap to Burra
  12. Minor re-route of Heysen Trail near the Bundaleer Reservoir, taking the trail off the main road and across farmland, Mapsheet 5A Spalding to Hiskeys Hut
  13. Opening of a spur trail from Warren Gorge to the Heysen Trail, with Walk Section 50 from Eyre Depot to Buckaringa being split into two smaller more manageable sections: Section 50 Eyre Depot to Warren Gorge, and Section 51 Warren Gorge to Buckaringa. Mapsheet 7A Dutchmans Stern Conservation Park to north of Mt Arden
  14. Updating the Walk Selector with the sections previously numbered 55 and 56 being combined into Section 56, from Mt Little Station to Moralana Scenic Drive.

The Heysen Trail Distances  page has also been updated to shown the distances between towns and campsites along the trail.  As a result of these updates the length of main trail (without including temporary reroutes or spur trails) is now 1,123 kms.

Heysen Trail ‘South Coast Week’. October 4th-10th 2020

The Heysen Trail near Kings Beach – photo by Martin Chapman.


Your chance to join a guided walk of  the stunning Heysen Trail ‘South Coast’ in one week.

Get in quick for the rare opportunity to undertake the ‘South Coast’. The breathtaking first six sections of the Heysen Trail in ” one hit”, from the trailhead at Cape Jervis through to the delightful little hamlet of Inman Valley.

A full week of walking designed to enable walkers especially those from beyond Adelaide, whether from intrastate or interstate, the opportunity to complete these fantastic sections along the coast in a single block.

Please note this is an extended walk for people wanting to do the entire week of walks and not those only wishing to do selected day walks. You can find out further information about the walks and register for the event on our walk calendar.

Accommodation and dining options

Once you have registered you can think about booking accommodation in Victor Harbor or elsewhere on the Fleurieu Peninsula. Any accommodation booked is the individual walker’s responsibility. Meals will not be provided, but there are a wide range of dining establishments in Victor Harbor

All the walk leaders are currently leading an ‘End to End’ group and have each completed the trail at least twice. They ‘know the lie of the land’ and have organised bus transfers and other details for you. You enjoy the walk without the stress.

For each walk, walkers will need to drive themselves to the end location for the walk. From there, a bus will take you to the start of the day’s walk. The $180 walk fee is to cover the cost of organising the event and the daily bus fees.

Some of these walks are challenging so please ensure you come physically prepared for a memorable week on the Heysen Trail.

Heysen Trail closure through the Buckaringa Sanctuary, Friday 10th July to Tuesday 14th July 2020.

The Buckaringa Sanctuary will be temporarily closed in the coming week. As the Heysen Trail passes through the sanctuary, we advise walkers to consider the closure if planning to walk in the area.

The planned closure is:

  • Friday evening 10th July to Tuesday morning 14th July 2020.

The closure is because the Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) will be undertaking feral animal control in the sanctuary. The sanctuary is home to many Yellow-footed Rock-wallabies.

The sanctuary is located between Quorn and Hawker. You can find it on map 6, chapter 4, of the Heysen Trail Northern Guidebook and on Sheet Map 7b – Dutchmans Stern Conservation Park to Mernmerna Creek.

AWC will place closure signs at all entry points to the sanctuary to warn walkers of the danger.

The Heysen Trail is open for through walkers and camping … BUT the Cudlee Creek fire has caused a problem…

With the easing of COVID-19 health restrictions on May 11th, the campsites and huts along the Heysen Trail are now open to ‘through’ walkers.

The easing of restrictions means that the trail is now open for small group walks. Currently, under Step 1 of the SA Government Road Map to Recovery bushwalking is permitted, provided the group size and social distancing advice is observed.

Additionally, through walkers need to keep informed while they are on the trail. The COVID situation may change while they are on the trail and this could affect their ability to continue to walk. This particularly applies to walkers from interstate, as border crossing arrangements may change from time to time.

Before setting off on walks on the Heysen Trail, you need to be aware of the following issues:

1. Trail closure caused by the Cudlee Creek bushfire

Forestry SA has closed access to the Heysen Trail in the vicinity of Cudlee Creek, with the affected section shown on this exclusion zone map.

It covers sections of the following maps:

Heysen Trail Sheet Maps 2B & 2C and
Southern Guidebook Map 3.6.

The exclusion zone commences at the eastern exit of Montacute Conservation Park (Grid Ref 983 377) and concludes when the trail leaves Forestry property at Snake Gully Rd (GR 014 402).

Due to the location of the trail in relation to the extensive exclusion zone, finding an alternative route is presenting some difficulties. The travel restrictions caused by COVID-19 have further delayed the task. However, our Trail Development Team is attempting to find a way, but it may be some time before a re-route is approved.

All walkers are advised to avoid the area. Trail closure signs have been erected by Forestry SA. Any walker planning to walk the whole trail this year, including through Cudlee Creek should email the Friends Office to seek advice on alternative arrangements. One option would include taking vehicular transport to avoid the area.

Unfortunately the excluded area includes Grandpa’s campsite, which is now closed. Due to the extent of the fire zone and the danger of falling trees, we do not anticipate the campsite being available for several months, if at all during 2020.

As a result of this closure, there is no campsite between Woodhouse and Scotts Shelter, a distance of 76 kms. Through walkers should be aware of this, and plan accordingly. Refer to the Service Directory and Transport  for planning information.

2. On Line Bookings for Forestry SA campsites

Forestry SA has initiated an on line booking system for the following campsites along the trail:

3. Temporary closure of the Montacute Conservation park

Parks SA have advised that the Montacute Conservation Park will be closed from 6pm, Sunday 31 May until 6pm Friday 5 June 2020 for a feral pest control program. Heysen Trail walkers need to avoid the area during this period.

4. Correction to the website accommodation list – camping is not permitted in the Finniss Conservation Park

Parks SA have also advised us that the old campsite in the Finniss Conservation Park was incorrectly shown in the accommodation list as being available for camping. The campsite was closed some years ago in the interest of protecting the park.

5. Tanks – take care if you are relying on them for your water supplies

Over summer we have become aware that several of the tanks along the trail require maintenance. Due to travel restrictions caused by COVID-19, we have been unable to travel to these remote locations to fix/replace the tanks.

Fortunately, indications are that we can anticipate good winter rains. However, the supply of water in our tanks cannot be guaranteed.

So, if the walk you are planning includes Beetaloo Creek or Eyre Depot we suggest you carry additional water or arrange a water drop.

Mid North Park closures affect Heysen Trail – May 24th to June 1st 2020.

Heysen Trail walkers are advised that a number of parks in the Mid North will be closed from 6am Sunday May 24th until 6am Monday, June 1st 2020.

The park closures that will affect Heysen Trail walkers are:

  • Caroona Creek Conservation Park
  • Hopkins Creek Conservation Park

The parks will be closed for the purpose of undertaking a pest control program. Walkers will not be able to access the Heysen Trail in and adjacent to the parks during this period.

The parks are located south and north of Burra. Affected sections of the trail can be found on

  • Heysen Trail Map Sheets 3D, 4A & 4B and
  • Southern Guide Book Maps 5.10, 6.4 and 6.5

For more information about the control program or the park closures, please refer to the Parks Closure notice or contact the Natural Resources Centre Northern and Yorke on (08) 8841 3400.

Unfortunately we received late notification of this closure. When planning walks on the trail we recommend you check the Parks Alerts page to check whether parks that you intend to visit will be affected by a closure.

Prescribed Burn in Hale Conservation Park – week commencing 20th April 2020.

Heysen Trail walkers are advised that the Hale Conservation Park will be closed for several days over the week commencing Monday, 20th April 2020.

The closure will be for the purpose of DEW undertaking a prescribed burn. The burn off is most likely be held on Friday April 24th, but this may vary due to weather conditions.  The closure may affect walkers in the vicinity of the Mount Crawford Forest. The Hale Conservation Park is approx. 4 kms west of the Heysen Trail at Mt Crawford. You can find the park on Map 3.9 of the Southern Guidebook and Heysen Trail Mapsheet 2C.

Rangers will post closure signs the day before the burn on the trail coming from the Warren Conservation Park. On the day of the burn, additional signs will be posted for the two loop walks within the  Hale Conservation Park.

The Heysen Trail remains closed during the Fire Danger Season

Walkers are reminded that the Heysen Trail south of Wirrabara remains closed during the Fire Danger Season. The season ends at midnight on April 30th. Walkers can use the Heysen Trail in Parks and Forest Reserves during the fire season, except on days of total fire bans.

Cudlee Creek fire damages the Heysen Trail and other popular walking areas in the Adelaide Hills.


The fire ground east of Snake Gully Road, Cudlee Creek.

Heysen Trail to be re-routed around the Cudlee Creek fireground, including Grandpas campsite.

As we are all aware the recent bushfire at Cudlee Creek has caused significant damage to the forest area. As a result, Forestry SA  has closed the Cudlee Creek Forest Reserve, which includes Thomas Hill and Mount Misery to the public for safety reasons.

The Heysen Trail traverses part of the forest from Snake Gully Road through to Stone Hut Road. A temporary reroute has been plotted but has not as yet been approved  by FSA and DEW. We hope to have this finalised prior to the opening of the walk season but until then we are required to avoid the area.

When the re-route has been established we will publish it on our re-routes page. Due to the amount of work to be undertaken in the area, it may be a number of months before we can return the trail to the normal route.

This CFS Map shows the extent of the Cudlee Creek Forest exclusion zone. Please refer to it before walking in the area and abide by all signage.

There is a National parks & Wildlife Service sign at the end of Valley Rd (Montacute Conservation Park) informing people that there is no thoroughfare through Montacute CP to Forestry SA property along the Heysen Trail.

Grandpas campsite is within the fire exclusion zone and will remain closed until further notice.  Some of the infrastructure at the campsite including the rainwater tank has been damaged and will require replacement.

Temporary closure of the Montacute Conservation Park

Fortunately the nearby Montacute Conservation Park was not affected by the fire. However, Parks SA have advised that the park is currently closed for the purposes of a feral animal eradication program. In the interest of public safety, we advise walkers not to enter the park. Parks have posted closure notices at the entrances to the park.

The last closure for this operation will be held on Monday June 1st to Friday June 5th.

You can get more information on the closure, including any changes to the park closure date on the Parks SA Alert page.

Heysen Trail Closure – Southern Flinders Ranges – 22nd to 28th February 2020.

Heysen Trail walkers are advised that the following parks in the Southern Flinders Ranges will be closed from 6am Saturday, 22 February 2020 until 6pm Friday, 28 February 2020:

  • Telowie Gorge Conservation Park,
  • The Napperby Block of Mount Remarkable National Park,
  • Spaniards Gully Conservation Park and
  • Wirrabara Range Conservation Park

Walkers will not be able to access the Heysen Trail in these parks during this period.

The parks will be closed for the purpose of undertaking a pest control program. Walkers need to take note of this closure and avoid that section of the trail during those dates.

Heysen Trail closure during the Fire Danger Season

The Country Fire Service has already announced the commencement of the Fire Danger Season for the Mid North & Flinders Districts.  As a result, much of the Heysen Trail is already closed.

Some sections of the Heysen Trail may be open during the Fire Danger Season – principally those not on private land. The areas that are open (other than on total fire ban days) include Conservation Parks and Reserves, Forests, public roads and vacant land.

The closure of these conservation parks later this week therefore places additional restrictions on walkers.

Telowie Gorge Conservation park

You can get a further explanation about access to the Heysen Trail during the fire season from our Fire Danger Season webpage.

Please that the Friend’s website will be undergoing maintenance for a few days from early on Tuesday February 18th 2020. If you want to read about the fire danger season but the webpage is not available, please try again later.

For more information about the control program or park closure, please contact the Natural Resources Centre on (08) 8841 3400. Further information can be found on the Parks SA Alerts page.